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Review: Transformers Titans Return Highbrow

As I’m moving into wave 2 of Titans Return, you may be wondering why I didn’t put up a review of Scourge, despite showing him in my Galvatron review. The explanation is simple: I really don’t like Titans Return Scourge, so much so that I have very little positive to say about him and have … Continue reading


Review: Transformers Titans Return Skullsmasher

I’m loving the Titans Return line so far. With a few exceptions, the figures and the Headmaster gimmick are excellently-engineered, look great, and are fun to play with. My only issue with the line is that so many of the toys are characters I just don’t care about. The focus of Titans Return is primarily … Continue reading


Review: Transformers Titans Return Blurr

It’s easy to forget just how much of an impact the 1896 Transformers animated movie had on the franchise as a whole. 30 years after its release, the characters it introduced have persisted as fan favorites and mainstays, some even surpassing original ’84 characters in popularity. You’ve obviously got the big ones like Hot Rod/Rodimus, … Continue reading


Review: Iron Factory IF-EX11 Evil Lord

Back in my Doombringers review, I mentioned how Legends scale toys were becoming a popular market for third party products, headlined by the companies DX9 and Iron Factory. DX9’s War in Pocket line seems to be focusing on G1 cartoon characters, with their products offering multi-packs of Legends-scaled figures. On the other hand, Iron Factory’s … Continue reading


Review: Transformers Titans Return Hardhead

Just to be up front, with a few exceptions, I don’t have a whole lot of personal attachment to the original Headmasters. I think the concept is really silly, the fictional justifications are nonsensical, and the characters don’t really stand out to me. The few exceptions are characters like Nightbeat, Chromedome, and Brainstorm that are … Continue reading


Review: Transformers Titans Return Galvatron

There are some characters, it seems, that are just doomed to have poor toys. Sometimes it’s an issue of impossible character design, where the cartoon model or fictional appearance cannot physically exist as a toy. Other times it’s just bad luck. For 30 years, the most prominent character suffering from this streak was G1 Ironhide. … Continue reading


Review: Transformers Titans Return Sentinel Prime

First off, my apologies for the long hiatus! My excuse this time is a combination of an increased work load over the summer and my desire to work on a better review set-up. Also, I was getting seriously burnt out on writing Combiner Wars reviews. I’ll certainly go back and put up reviews for Bruticus, Optimus … Continue reading


Review: DX9 War in Pocket Doombringers

The third party unofficial Transformers market has evolved quite a bit over the years. What started as simple upgrade kits evolved into full-on Classics-style figures, then became flooded with combiners, and now the trend seems to be Masterpiece-style figures. If there’s a consistent pattern to be found, it’s that once a certain type of toy … Continue reading


Review: Transformers MP-28 Hot Rodimus

Moving backwards through the Masterpiece line, we come to the second major release of 2016 and the third time we’ve gotten a “2.0” version of a character in the line. Plagued by poor stock photography and a generally unphotogenic appearance, Masterpiece Hot Rodimus (or Hot Rod if you prefer) had a lot of negative buzz in … Continue reading

IMG_3986 (2)

Review: Transformers MP-29 Masterpiece Laserwave (Shockwave)

Man, the Transformers Masterpiece line just won’t slow down, will it? It’s only just now April and we’ve already had 4 figures released this year, with 3 more on the way. When it was announced that the line was getting a change in designer, a lot of people expected the releases to slow down a bit, … Continue reading