Review: Transformers Titans Return Chromedome

With its 57th issue next this week, the critically acclaimed Transformers comic series More Than Meets the Eye is finally ending (and then continuing in Lost Light, but still). Even though the comic started almost five years ago, it still feels like a new part of the franchise. It seems not too long ago that … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion is one of those weird G1 cartoon characters who never got toys, despite being fairly prominent in the franchise. In the cartoon, he was basically the Obi-Wan/Merlin type character who served as Optimus’s creator/father figure/mentor/wizard. A3 has popped up in most continuities since then, remaining a highly iconic (if minor) figure in the … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Highbrow

As I’m moving into wave 2 of Titans Return, you may be wondering why I didn’t put up a review of Scourge, despite showing him in my Galvatron review. The explanation is simple: I really don’t like Titans Return Scourge, so much so that I have very little positive to say about him and have … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Skullsmasher

I’m loving the Titans Return line so far. With a few exceptions, the figures and the Headmaster gimmick are excellently-engineered, look great, and are fun to play with. My only issue with the line is that so many of the toys are characters I just don’t care about. The focus of Titans Return is primarily … Continue reading