Review: Star Wars Black Series Director Krennic

A lot of people forget this, but Darth Vader wasn’t the main antagonist of the original Star Wars, it was Grand Moff Tarkin. Vader stood around, killed a guy or two, and looked scary, but Tarkin, the stuffy old British guy, was the one calling all the shots. It looks like Rogue One will be … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series Imperial Hovertank Pilot

Of all the endless variants of Stormtroopers and Clone Troopers, the absolute least interesting to me have always been the pilots. TIE pilots, AT-AT drivers, clone pilots, and everything in between. Not only do they generally have uninteresting designs, I never much saw the point in displaying them outside of the vehicle they’re meant to … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Adventure (RID) Ratchet

Despite keeping up with it faithfully for its entire three-season run, I have to say that Transformers: Prime is one of the most disappointing series in the franchise. It began incredibly strong with great production quality and loads of potential, and then very quickly proceeded to waste its potential and stagnate for the majority of … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series Death Trooper

It’s hard to believe that there’s a Star Wars movie coming out in a few weeks. Mostly because that’s exactly what I thought one year ago right before The Force Awakens hit theaters. It’s weird that we’re now living in a world where a Star Wars film is coming out every year, even if we’re … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series Poe Dameron and Riot Trooper

Did you guys know they made a new Star Wars movie? I hear it’s pretty good. Actually, it’s very good and I’ve seen it four times. I considered reviewing the movie here, but at this point I figure I’ll show my fondness for the film by reviewing all the toys I bought. I already reviewed … Continue reading

Review: Mastermind Creations R-13 Spartan

If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews, you should know that I’m a big fan of the IDW comics Transformers continuity, and I have a tendency to immediately throw money at any IDW character designs rendered in three dimensional plastic. While Hasbro has jumped aboard the comic-inspired toy train with figures like Skids, Brainstorm, … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series Kylo Ren

After a long hiatus due to another semester of selling my soul¬†going to college, I have returned! You know what else is returning? Star Wars. (To theaters, anyway; it hasn’t really “left” in decades.) The Force Awakens, the first of the Disney-produced Sequel Trilogy, is closing in faster than the exhaust port on the Death … Continue reading

Review: SHFiguarts Stormtrooper

Watch out, Hasbro; you’re not the only major toy companies with the Star Wars license anymore. My research is minimal (by which I mean I did none), but I believe Disney’s purchase of all things Star Wars opened up the license to a lot of Japanese toy companies, Bandai included. We’ve had a myriad of … Continue reading

Review: Robot Damashii Alvaaron DX (Core of Alvatore)

It’s been several years since I watched Gundam 00 in its entirety, but my memories are very fuzzy regarding the first season villain Alejandro Corner. Much of his actions and character were greatly overshadowed by the antics of one of the most magnificent bastards of the franchise, Ribbons Almark, in season 2. Though my memory … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Darth Vader

Ah, Star Wars Black Series. A line with a great concept, a ton of potential, and a great opening couple of waves… that proceeded to immediately decline from there. After a bewildering drop in quality and hilariously¬†awful wave distribution leading to severe shelfwarming (nowadays you’d think the line consists solely of Obi-Wan), the once-promising toyline … Continue reading