Review: Transformers Titans Return Triggerhappy

There are a lot of Transformers characters. Most of them are pretty cool. Some of them are really, really stupid. This is Triggerhappy. His name is Triggerhappy. His motto is “Have gun, have fun!” His official backstory is that he had a hoverboard incident in Decepticon boot camp that gave him permanent brain damage, so now all he does is drool and laugh and shoot people because he likes the sound it makes. What Triggerhappy had going for him at the time was an unjustly cool character design. Nearly 30 years later, Titans Return Triggerhappy is one of the best toys in the line, and he hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve it.


Vehicle Mode

Looking like something straight out of an 80’s science fiction game, Triggerhappy is an extremely sweet space fighter armed with eight visible guns. He looks like a ship from Galaga that you’d get if you entered a cheat code and got the most overpowered ship that easily destroys all the aliens. Basically he’s an amalgamation of every science fiction space fighter ever designed, and it’s kind of amazing. 


As with most jet Transformers, Triggerhappy has flip-out front landing gear as well as a peghole compatible with most action figure stands, which is a welcome feature for a toy with such a dynamic-looking altmode. Being a Titans Return figure, Triggerhappy features an opening cockpit, which is sort of neat since it only opens the rear half, as well as a seat for his Titan Master.


Titan Master

Yet another Targetmaster graduating to Headmaster, Blowpipe is yet another unpainted Titan Master, but at least his colors are all right. I like the smooth features on his sculpt, which sets him apart from a lot of the intricately-detailed sculpts of other Titan Masters.


Robot Mode

Once again, Triggerhappy is way cooler looking than he has any right to be. His proportions are fantastic, his robot mode is fairly clean, and goodness gracious what an intuitive transformation. It involves a lot of torso spinning, and it makes the toy a lot of fun to convert. The blue and off-white is a lovely color combination, with the hints of gold adding some subtle accents and the red faceplate just pops. It’s modeled after his cartoon appearance rather than the toy’s head, but I think this one was the better choice. There’s something very generic about it, which I mean in the best way.


As far as articulation goes, Triggerhappy has no issues in that department. Ball-jointed head (with a solid connection, thankfully) and hips; universal shoulders; hinged knees, elbows, and ankles; swivel biceps, thighs, and waist. With only a few exceptions, this seems to be the standard for Titans Return Deluxes, and it’s a nice standard to see for Transformers. 


Triggerhappy comes armed with two guns that can be combined and manned by a Titan Master. They’re a little clunky, but they suit him. Better yet, you can also transform his arms to give him ridiculously long double-barreled cannon hands, which is pretty fantastic. It looks a little goofy, but c’mon – his name is Triggerhappy.



I know I said this first with Blurr, then again with Wolfwire, but I have to say it now for Triggerhappy: this is the best figure of the line so far. The trend of Titans Return Deluxe waves seems to be one meh figure, two good figures, and one great figure, and Triggerhappy definitely takes the top spot in Wave 3. Honestly, there’s not much else to say about this guy other than that if you like Transformers, go get Triggerhappy (and do him a favor and try to come up with a better name).

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  1. His face looks exactly like Deadpool

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