Review: Transformers Titans Return Megatron

The character of Megatron seems to be in a very interesting state in the current Transformers franchise. In the latest film he was “reborn” as/replaced with Galvatron, in IDW he’s an Autobot and on a quest for redemption, and in the Aligned continuity he’s just sort of gone. Even with his reappearance in The Last Knight, something about his design suggests that something is different about the Decepticon leader. It’s funny, then, that despite this period of staying in the background, Megatron has gotten more G1-style figures in the last two years than he has in the last 20. After his shiny Leader figure in Combiner Wars, Titans Return delivers a brand new Voyager Megatron who looks suspiciously like a certain triple-changing underling of his.


Tank Mode

Spoiler alert: this mold was totally intended to be Blitzwing, and we’ll probably see this toy again in tan and purple in 2017. With that out of the way, Megatron is no stranger to triple-changing, and like Optimus, this toy is sort of a conglomerate of homages. The tank mode is most notably (perhaps coincidentally) referencing G2 Megatron, though only in form, since he’s colored more like G1 Megatron. The grey plastic, despite coming in two slightly different shades, really is a bit of a bummer, since it makes the toy look incredibly dull. The tank mode makes a fairly valiant effort to hide the fact that it’s a backwards jet, but the rear thrusters and folded-up wings are conspicuous. 


The tank mode’s default turret barrel is rather unimpressive, so thankfully you can attach his fusion cannon to beef it up a bit. You can attack his other gun to the top of this, but it looks really silly. The tank turret can rotate freely, and there is a seat for a Titan Master to man the turret, though I find it a bit less intuitive than most Titan Master cockpits, since the orange panel can’t quite fold down or look natural. The tank also has rolling wheels, if that suits your fancy.


Jet Mode

Megatron is no stranger to taking to the skies, but I think this is his first time as an Earth airplane, not counting his stealth bomber design. It’s a very Blitzwing-ish jet mode with a distinct lack of aerodynamics, but considering how solid the tank mode was and how nice this mode looks, I’m impressed. The transformation pulls some really neat tricks to shift the toy’s mass around, and I think it may be one of the best mainline triple changer designs since Springer. The bottom rear is a little messy, but at least it’s easily hidden. What is a major bummer are the factory-applied stickers on the wings, which are were peeling in the corners when I opened the toy. There was also a Decepticon sticker just above the nosecone… which fell off as soon as I took him out of the box. More on the stickers later.


Both weapons can somewhat-convincingly mount on the jet mode, though it does result in the jet having a literal tank turret on its underside. Whether this is awesome or terrible is up to you. I also forgot to take a picture of it, but the entire front cockpit/nosecone section opens up to allow for a Titan Master to sit inside


Titan Master

Bearing the dual honors of being one of the blandest Titan Masters and having the best name ever, Doomshot is yet another standard Titan Master. He’s sculpted (I think) to look like Blitzwing, which will make much more sense when this mold reappears next year.


Robot Mode

Much like Optimus Prime, Megatron manages to hide any major resemblance to Blitzwing, instead looking very much like, well, G1 Megatron. The folded-up wings can be flared out for a more traditional silhouette, but I’m honestly not sure how the chest will be reworked to put a cockpit there. Anyway, Megatron himself looks pretty damn good, despite being cast in the blandest of bland grey plastics. I certainly wasn’t expecting the silver paint from the CW Leader, but it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a step down, appearance-wise. The on-topic bits of red and black throughout definitely help break up the monotony, at least.


Now, regarding the stickers. This toy comes with three pre-applied stickers on his chest: a Decepticon insignia and two stickers that give him his traditional chest squiggles. Problem one is that the stickers are chrome-backed, which makes them look utterly disgusting. Problem two is that they won’t stay on. I immediately just peeled them off and slapped a Reprolabels symbol on him, which is such an improvement. The good news is that they’re easy stickers to remove, but the fact that they’re even present on the toy is disappointing to see on a Hasbro release.


Thankfully, that’s really all the negative things I have to say, because this toy is pretty damn cool. His articulation is super solid, only missing waist and wrist swivels. The former is missed, but the latter are excusable. He can’t turn his neck more than about a degree with the shoulder pylon things flipped up, but you can flip them down with no issue, and he kind of looks better that way. I was in particular surprised at the solidity and range of motion in his shoulders, given how complicated they look.


Megatron’s weapon, formed by combining the two guns, is a proper G1-style fusion cannon, albeit a slightly undersized one. I really would have liked to see the grey gun that forms the Titan Master seat cast in black plastic to complete the look, but it’s not too big a deal. Removing it and keeping the black cannon attached to his arm just adds to the smallness of it, so the grey back half is just something both you and Megatron both will have to live with.



As far as being a pretool of a future Titans Return Triple Changer, Megatron came out faring quite a bit better than his wavemate Optimus Prime. Both altmodes are relatively solid and distinct (especially for a Blitzwing-type design), and the robot mode is one of the more G1-looking Megatron robot modes we’ve gotten to date. He serves as an enticing preview of next year’s Blitzwing, and is a really good Megatron to boot. And hey, he’s not terribly comic-accurate, but he also looks close enough to serve as a certain ship’s co-captain, should you choose to swap out that purple badge for a red one.

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4 Responses to “Review: Transformers Titans Return Megatron”
  1. Andy says:

    Great review, I have this figure and you are absolutely right about it! Still, a great Megatron and I would definitely recommend him.


  2. steve says:

    g1 blitzwing never had a cockpit.


    • KurtPD says:

      Huh, my bad! I must have been thinking of the Generations toy. I’m sure the chest will still be remolded for Blitzwing, but that makes a lot more sense now!


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