Review: Transformers Titans Return Blaster

For every Transformers fan, there’s going to be one character that everyone in the fandom seems to love that you just aren’t that into. For me,┬áthat character is Blaster. I mostly only remember him for being the Autobot version of Soundwave (and therefore less cool) and for his scene in the Battle of Autobot City … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series Death Trooper

It’s hard to believe that there’s a Star Wars movie coming out in a few weeks. Mostly because that’s exactly what I thought one year ago right before The Force Awakens hit theaters. It’s weird that we’re now living in a world where a Star Wars film is coming out every year, even if we’re … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Wolfwire

I feel like at a certain point in a long-running franchise where you have to come up with distinct personalities for tons of new toys every year, you start to run out of ideas. Nowadays, Hasbro usually doesn’t have to worry about this, since the majority of toys are either old characters or new characters … Continue reading