Review: NECA Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger (Hong Kong Brawl)

Pacific Rim is the kind of franchise that has the potential for an amazing toyline. Giant robots with awesome designs and unique special abilities fighting giant monsters with awesome designs and unique special abilities… it seems like it would be perfect in the hands of Hasbro. Unfortunately, the toy rights for del Toro’s kaiju-busting romp fell into the … Continue reading

Review: NECA BioShock Infinite Booker Dewitt

When it comes to NECA video game figures, my general trend is that I see the toy at Toys R Us, think it looks cool, buy the toy, then play the game the toy is from. That’s what I did for Chell and Gordon Freeman, at least. In this case, however, I finally bucked the … Continue reading

Review: NECA Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body

I have a strange habit of seeing NECA toys from various franchises, usually video games, and buying them just because the toy looks cool without having played the video game. I did this with Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and Chell from Portal 2. While Half-Life and TF2 I have … Continue reading