Review: Halo Mega Bloks Containment Outpost Patrol

KURT WHAT ARE YOU DOING BUYING CHEAP LEGO KNOCKOFFS HOW DARE YOU GIVE THOSE DIRTY THIEVES YOUR MONEY INSTEAD OF BUYING LEGO LIKE A NORMAL DECENT PERSON With that out of the way, Mega Bloks have come a long way from┬átheir shaky origins. Thanks to their popular Halo licensing and progressive minifigure design, Mega Bloks … Continue reading

Review: Play Arts Kai Halo 4 Spartan Warrior

Play Arts Kai is a rather polarizing toyline. Mostly known for┬átheir figures based on video game characters, the toyline seems to be very much love-it-or-hate-it, with the former crowd praising the line’s overall great paint apps, sculpt, and large size, the latter crowd criticizes the lines often shoddy quality, atrocious paint apps on human faces … Continue reading