Review: Mech iDeas DC-03 Gauntlet

A long time ago in 1993, a toy called Ironfist was released as part of the European Transformers toyline. Ironfist sank into obscurity over for the next 17 years with no fiction to build upon his character, until two fellows by the name of Nick Roche and James Roberts wrote a little miniseries for IDW … Continue reading

Review: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Star-Lord

Just right off the bat, Guardians of the Galaxy was an amazing movie and you should get up right now and go see it. I don’t care if you’ve already seen it, see it again. It’s brilliant. I loved it so much that I ran to every Walmart, Target, and TRU in town in the … Continue reading

Review: Game of Thrones Legacy Collection “The Hound”

After taking a month-long break because life happens, I think this place is due for another review. Since I dedicated a week to Transformers, I feel it’s only right to let toys from other media¬†take the spotlight. Today, that spotlight falls on Game of Thrones, everyone’s favorite¬†fantasy porno that after four seasons has finally received … Continue reading