Review: Transformers Titans Return Perceptor

The Titans Return line sure has hit a bit of a rough patch, distribution-wise. Waves 1 and 2 trickled out no problem in the US, with the only straggler being Leader Soundwave. After that, aside from Titan Masters, distribution just kind of… stopped. Wave 3 Deluxes and Voyagers are nowhere to be found, and┬áTitans Return … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Megatron

The character of Megatron seems to be in a very interesting state in the current Transformers franchise. In the latest film he was “reborn” as/replaced with Galvatron, in IDW he’s an Autobot and on a quest for redemption, and in the Aligned continuity he’s just sort of gone. Even with his reappearance in The Last … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Optimus Prime

I’ve mentioned before how Hasbro has gotten very good at making retools of their toys. They’ve also gotten very good at getting us to buy them. Combiner Wars was the first indicator of this, where Optimus Prime and Alpha Bravo came out well before the characters whom they were designed to be, Motormaster and Vortex. … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Triggerhappy

There are a lot of Transformers characters. Most of them are pretty cool. Some of them are really, really stupid. This is Triggerhappy. His name is Triggerhappy. His motto is “Have gun, have fun!” His official backstory is that he had a hoverboard incident in Decepticon boot camp that gave him permanent brain damage, so … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Hot Rod

Hot Rod, or Rodimus if you prefer, is one of those Transformers characters who has gone a very long time without a good toy. The first update he got was the Classics figure in 2006, which wasn’t bad for its time, but has aged horribly. The Titanium figure is best left undiscussed, and his first … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Brainstorm

Hasbro has the art of mold reuse mastered these days. 2014’s Generations Springer and Sandstorm are generally regarded as the first “modern” retools that demonstrated just how much modern retooling could accomplish, and since then retools have gone from simple color-and-head swaps to in-depth part remolding, even going so far as to engineer in parts … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

As we continue our trek through the world of bottom-of-the-barrel characters from the 1987 Transformers lineup, we come to one of my favorite characterizations of the classic Headmasters. It’s common for Transformers characters to be super powered, unique, and totally badass; Skywarp can teleport, Soundwave has his minions, Mirage can turn invisible, and so one … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Blaster

For every Transformers fan, there’s going to be one character that everyone in the fandom seems to love that you just aren’t that into. For me,┬áthat character is Blaster. I mostly only remember him for being the Autobot version of Soundwave (and therefore less cool) and for his scene in the Battle of Autobot City … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Wolfwire

I feel like at a certain point in a long-running franchise where you have to come up with distinct personalities for tons of new toys every year, you start to run out of ideas. Nowadays, Hasbro usually doesn’t have to worry about this, since the majority of toys are either old characters or new characters … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Titans Return Chromedome

With its 57th issue next this week, the critically acclaimed Transformers comic series More Than Meets the Eye is finally ending (and then continuing in Lost Light, but still). Even though the comic started almost five years ago, it still feels like a new part of the franchise. It seems not too long ago that … Continue reading