Review: Robot Damashii Alvaaron DX (Core of Alvatore)

It’s been several years since I watched Gundam 00 in its entirety, but my memories are very fuzzy regarding the first season villain Alejandro Corner. Much of his actions and character were greatly overshadowed by the antics of one of the most magnificent bastards of the franchise, Ribbons Almark, in season 2. Though my memory … Continue reading

Review: GFF Metal Composite Banshee Gundam

I’ve touched upon Gundam Unicorn once before in my review of the Robot Damashii Sinanju, and while it isn’t my favorite Gundam anime, it is the one that got me into the franchise, so it holds a soft spot in my heart. The Unicorn Gundam itself, though, I was never terribly impressed by. Even though … Continue reading

Review: Robot Damashii MSN-06S Sinanju (Animation Edition)

Introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn novel and then brought to animation in the Unicorn OVA, the Sinanju is a strikingly sexy mobile suit that might actually be more popular than the Unicorn Gundam itself. Piloted by the equally-awesome-despite-his-name Full Frontal, the Sinanju is pretty much the zenith of bad guy Gundam suits, outclassing … Continue reading