Review: Transformers Titans Return Perceptor

The Titans Return line sure has hit a bit of a rough patch, distribution-wise. Waves 1 and 2 trickled out no problem in the US, with the only straggler being Leader Soundwave. After that, aside from Titan Masters, distribution just kind of… stopped. Wave 3 Deluxes and Voyagers are nowhere to be found, and Titans Return … Continue reading

Review: Transformers The Last Knight Premier Edition Berserker

“Critical acclaim” and “the Transformers film series” are two phrases that are rarely associated with each other, but one aspect (perhaps the only aspect) of the movies that is regularly applauded is the CGI used for the Transformers themselves. Optimus Prime’s transformation in the first film was magical, Devastator’s rendering reportedly melted several computers, and … Continue reading

Review: Transformers The Last Knight Deluxe Barricade

Well folks, I’ve finally clawed my way out of the nightmarish gauntlet that was my most recent semester in college, and I’m just in time to (in a fashionably late manner) review some of the hot new toys from what will undoubtedly be this summer’s worst most profitable blockbuster film, Transformers: The Last Knight. What … Continue reading