Review: Mastermind Creations R-12 Cynicus

Thanks to the runaway success of IDW’s More Than Meets the Eye, fans of of comic have been clamoring for toys of any and all of the characters featured in the book. While MTMTE versions of existing characters like Rodimus and Megatron are in high demand, we’ve been seeing Hasbro fill in the gaps with … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Menasor

When the first images of Combiner Wars came out at SDCC 2014, the fandom was utterly blown away by the immaculate-looking stock photos of Superion, and then brought a bit down to reality when the physical toy was seen (though it still looked great). On the other side of the coin, the initial response to … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Superion

Well, the time has finally come. Combiner Wars has now been through two waves, and the two lead combiners are now out at retail and complete in the hands of many collectors. On top of that, the Combiner Wars story event in the comics is in full (albeit a bit dull, ugly, and disappointing) swing, … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Motormaster

Finally wrapping up the Stunticons is their illustrious unpleasant bully of a leader, the MACHO MAN RANDY– uh, The Motor Mas– uh, well, just Motormaster. Sadly, this is G1 Motormaster, not Animated’s hilariously awesome The Motor Master, but we can all pretend, right? We’ve taken a look at this much-maligned mold once before when it … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Dead End

Rounding off the Stunticon limbs on a rather depressing note is the resident nihilistic pessimist of the squad, Dead End. The Dead End of my childhood was that little spherical Mini-Con that came with Unicron back in Armada, but I have to admit that the Stunticon Dead End is a bit more interesting of a … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Breakdown

Arguably the most standout member of the Stunticons, Breakdown has had a long history, including G2 Botcon exclusives, a surprise leading role in War for Cybertron, and a somewhat-controversial homage character in Prime. He’s a popular fellow, even if character-wise he’s pretty much just Red Alert but a Decepticon. Regardless, as far as design goes, Breakdown … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Offroad

Poor Drag Strip, stuck in the first wave as the sole representative of the Decepticon combiners and forced to merge with the Aerialbots so that fans can mimic a complete Superion. With the arrival of wave 2, Drag Strip has finally been joined by his team of no-gooder thugs, the Stunticons. Starting off this team … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Air Raid

Now free from the clutches of port strikes and delays, the second wave of Combiner Wars has finally burst into the market, and now it’s time for Combiner Week II: Merge for the Kill! (Maybe this time it’ll actually be a week…) Kicking off the new wave will be the conclusion of the Aerialbots with Air … Continue reading