Review: Transformers Universe/ROTF Bruticus Maximus

With Combiner Wars on the horizon for the 2015 Transformers line, I thought I’d take the opportunity to look back at what should be considered Hasbro’s first take at G1-style combiners, the Maximus trio from Transformers Energon… but I don’t actually have any of them. What I do have, however, is the redeco of Energon’s Bruticus … Continue reading

Review: Robot Damashii MSN-06S Sinanju (Animation Edition)

Introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn novel and then brought to animation in the Unicorn OVA, the Sinanju is a strikingly sexy mobile suit that might actually be more popular than the Unicorn Gundam itself. Piloted by the equally-awesome-despite-his-name Full Frontal, the Sinanju is pretty much the zenith of bad guy Gundam suits, outclassing … Continue reading

Review: Transformers AOE Voyager Slog

I think we can all agree that the Dinobots were completely mishandled in Age of Extinction. Despite being the “gimmick” of the film and the main draw being giant robot dinosaurs, they end up showing up in the last fifteen minutes of a three-hour film with little to no explanation, and are never even referred … Continue reading

Review: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Prototype Boba Fett

Well… I found it. I had all but given up my search on the sought-after exclusive, until I walked into a Walgreen’s hoping to find a Darth Vader, and instead found three Prototype Bobas just sitting there on the shelf. Since I’m a decent human being, I only bought one (albeit the one that had … Continue reading

Review: Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Snarl

The Age of Extinction toyline is finally at the close of its short-lived run, and with a handful of onscreen characters still lacking proper figures (Stinger? Steeljaw? Oreobot?), the final wave of deluxe figures consists of… a repacked Bumblebee, an offscreen Dinobot, and a questionable repaint. Good to see that the last three figures are the … Continue reading

Review: TFCC Subscription Service 2.0 Chromedome and Rewind

The Transformers Collector’s Club and the organization behind them (Fun Publications) are a group rife with controversy in the fandom. Questionable business practices, mishandling of credit card info, poor show management, and very questionable public relations has put the TFCC in a state of resentment for a large chunk of the fandom. Despite their issues, … Continue reading

Review: FansProject Function X-04 Sigma L

Though I’m generally a fan of FansProject as a company, their design aesthetic rarely jives well with my own tastes. The Protector armor always looked too awkward, the not-Stunticons just looked off, and Warbot Revolver never really did it for me, even though I did own it for a time. The Function X line solidified … Continue reading

Review: NECA BioShock Infinite Booker Dewitt

When it comes to NECA video game figures, my general trend is that I see the toy at Toys R Us, think it looks cool, buy the toy, then play the game the toy is from. That’s what I did for Chell and Gordon Freeman, at least. In this case, however, I finally bucked the … Continue reading