Review: Transformers Titans Return Mindwipe

As we continue our trek through the world of bottom-of-the-barrel characters from the 1987 Transformers lineup, we come to one of my favorite characterizations of the classic Headmasters. It’s common for Transformers characters to be super powered, unique, and totally badass; Skywarp can teleport, Soundwave has his minions, Mirage can turn invisible, and so one and so forth. But in an entire army of individuals, they can’t all be super-special powered guys; some of them are just wannabe losers. Mindwipe apparently thinks he can communicate with dead Cybertronians, but in reality he’s just picking up radio broadcasts. And he can hypnotize people, but it’s funnier if he just thinks he can. Anyway, losers get toys, too, so let’s look at Titans Return Mindwipe.


Bat Mode

That’s right, the black-and-purple hypnotist with connections to the afterlife turns into a bat. I honestly don’t know how they resisted just straight-up making him a Transformers vampire. Bats are one of those animals that tend to pose a major challenge when you try to make posable toys out of them, and even moreso when they’re supposed to turn into robot men. Mindwipe eschews any realism and just goes for a slightly streamlined version of his G1 toy, and honestly it’s probably for the best. He can’t really do much other than sit there and look spooky, but hey, the silhouette’s there and the wingspan is pretty impressive.


Mostly due to the transformation, his wings are full of hinges, which do allow them to fold up in way that kinda-sorta looks like what real bats do. The obvious robot feet stick out a bit, but c’mon, he’s trying so hard! I also want to point out the lovely detail on his soft-plastic bat head, which even sports some nice paint apps. For a goofy robot bat, Mindwipe somehow pulls it off pretty well.


Once more diverting from the realm of realism, Mindwipe has a little chair in his belly to seat his Titan Master. I’m a little bummed that the door doesn’t resemble a coffin, but Vorath sits nice and snug inside the cavity, really topping off the silliness of this entire toy.


Titan Master

Speaking of Vorath, here he is! Woefully bereft of paint as is the unfortunate norm of this line, the black plastic makes details difficult to discern, but (colors aside) he’s fairly accurate to his G1 toy, so points for Vorath!


Robot Mode

After a genuinely clever transformation (the bat wings fold up into legs! How cool is that?!), Mindwipe pulls off am astonishingly clean and well-proportioned robot mode. The little soft-plastic wings on his back give him his proper winged silhouette, and his colors are more or less spot-on with that particular shade of burgundy. His sculpted detail is accentuated nicely by the plastic colors, so he doesn’t come off as dull or overly-detailed like some of the Autobot Headmasters. The only things that throws off his look are his big, flat feet, and they’re problematic in another level. I also sort of wish his face was sculpted in an open-mouthed “blah!” but that’s probably just me.


Mindwipe’s got a healthy suite of joints, with a standard Titan Master neck (with a solid connection, huzzah); ball jointed and hinged shoulders, double-jointed elbows, single-jointed knees, thigh, bicep, and waist swivels, and forward and backwards ankle joints. His lower body is unfortunately a bit problematic: the joints on his ankles are a little too loose, which makes Mindwipe very wobbly and prone to tipping over. Also he has short thighs and long shins, which means bending his knees doesn’t really accomplish much. Oh, and his bat wings can flap, if you like.


Following the trend of his partners, Mindwipe comes with two accessories. One is a little purple gun that suits him well, and the other is a shield/claw/gun/thing that… is a bit more difficult to wield. You can mount it on his arm, but it sticks out just a little too much to look natural. Still, it looks cool enough, and both weapons can combine to make a little tail-thing in bat mode. Alternatively, you can also flip the shield around and have a Titan Master sit in it, but it’s easily one of the weakest turret modes.



If it weren’t for the near-perfect figure that is Wolfwire, Mindwipe would be the star of this wave. He’s got a uniquely clever transformation, a silly and fun alternate mode, and a solid robot mode with his only real flaws being some limited leg articulation and tolerance issues in his ankles. Mindwipe also gets points for being the kind of figure that just oozes character, which seems like a bit of a rarity in this line of unimaginative G1 remakes. I’d certainly recommend him, and not just because I’ve been hypnotized to do so!

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