Review: Transformers Titans Return Blaster

For every Transformers fan, there’s going to be one character that everyone in the fandom seems to love that you just aren’t that into. For me, that character is Blaster. I mostly only remember him for being the Autobot version of Soundwave (and therefore less cool) and for his scene in the Battle of Autobot City in the ’86 movie. Maybe I think his design is boring, or maybe it’s because he hasn’t really been prominent in any fiction lately, but I just don’t have a lot of love for the character. But when it was announced that Titans Return leader toys are bringing back base modes for the Titan Master figures, I felt obligated to get at least one. I’m holding out for Ginrai instead of PM Prime, and Soundwave looks like butt, so I figured I’d give Titans Return Leader Blaster a shot.


Boombox Mode

Being a ripoff of Soundwave communications specialist, Blaster naturally turns into a boombox that plays cassette tapes. The altmode here is… not terribly convincing, but to be fair there’s only so much you can do. It’s pretty much a big rectangle with a handle and a door that you can shove a block into. The door is spring-loaded and pops open with the press of a button, which is always fun. As far as box modes go, Blaster is nicely solid and compact, and actually feels quite hefty in this mode.


Speaking of the cassette door, Blaster comes with something that is not a cassette nor one of his traditional partners: the Brick! It’s just a solid chunk of plastic with some painted nozzles and a seat for a Titan Master, and it serves basically no purpose on this mode other than to provide a place for the Titan Master to store while in altmode. Also, as you can see, other “spy tablet” Legends figures such as Rewind can happily fit into Blaster’s chest/altmode, though sadly only one at a time.


Titan Master

Despite some misshapen paint apps on his eyes, Twincast is actually one of my favorite Titan Masters due to his lovely plastic colors that compliment the sculpted detail. He’s one of those weird Titan Masters that look exactly like the guy they’re forming a head for, but since Blaster becomes a base, it’s fun to reimagine the actual figure as a giant mech for tiny Blaster. But hey, more on that later.


Robot Mode

Blaster’s robot mode is 100% chunk. He keeps traditional to his G1 toy by being really tall and made of boxes, and overall I don’t think he looks that bad. He’s covered in original sticker-referencing paint apps and tampographs, which look way better than they have any right to be. The clear plastic window chest is kind of a bummer since it should really be blue, as should the visor on his head.


Speaking of his head, Blaster does the Leader-class thing of having a helmet flip up out of his robot mode to bulk up the Titan Master head, making it look more proportional and more G1-like. The underlying face is… weird, and according to TFWiki it’s based on Alternators Skids, which was redecoed into Blaster, which is just crazy enough of a reference for me to approve. The large size of the face makes it look decent on Blaster’s body, but it also means it looks really off on deluxe figures. But hey, it certainly works better than Galvatron.


Blaster’s got about as much articulation as you’d expect from such a chunky guy: swivel neck, biceps, and thighs; ratcheted knees and elbows; universal-ratchet shoulders and hips; and ankle tilts. The lack of a waist joint is disappointing, but necessary for the cassette gimmick, which is surprisingly unobtrusive to the figure’s aesthetics. Also, the joints in his ankles and feet have a bit of a rickety feel due to the odd joint placement, and can make it hard to keep him balanced.


For weapons, Blaster comes with a sweet-looking rifle that is just a little too small for him, but it’s pretty accurate to his G1 rifle, so that’s pretty cool. Sadly, the Brick has no real use in robot mode, with no 5mm peg to be held by Blaster and nowhere else to mount it. The Brick’s potential, however, will soon be revealed…


Base Mode

Now, this may be advertised as a base mode, but even a cursory glance betrays its actual function. Leader Class Blaster’s third mode is not a base, but a fully-realized concert stage. Pegged into the boombox handle, the Brick reveals its true purpose as a seat for DJ Twincast, where he operates the sound and lights for the party on the dance floors below. This is too perfect to not be intentional, and really makes the toy if it works for you. Even if you’re not a fun person, Blaster makes for a pretty decent standard base mode, especially if you add Legends Rewind into the mix.



Blaster isn’t a terribly excellent toy, but he’s certainly not bad. Both standard modes are entirely serviceable and appropriately G1-referential, and the base mode’s alternate function as a concert stage is a really fun way to incorporate the Titan Master gimmick in a unique and characterful way. The toy doesn’t change my mind on the Blaster character, but it’s fun enough to be worth picking up if you’re enjoying the line’s gimmick or if you’re a Blaster fan.

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One Response to “Review: Transformers Titans Return Blaster”
  1. Loremaster Prime says:

    Blaster “third” mode is obviously not meant to be a “concert stage” – but I love the concept! lol


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