Review: Transformers Titans Return Wolfwire

I feel like at a certain point in a long-running franchise where you have to come up with distinct personalities for tons of new toys every year, you start to run out of ideas. Nowadays, Hasbro usually doesn’t have to worry about this, since the majority of toys are either old characters or new characters based on old characters. Back in G1, though, every character was new and they all had to be given personalities. 1987 was probably when the ideas were beginning to run dry, like the Decepticon Headmaster Weirdwolf (or Wolfwire, if you prefer), whose personality is basically “talks like Yoda.”


Beast Mode

Surprise, the guy with “wolf” in his name turns into a robotic canine! Following the pattern of his fellow Decepticon Headmasters, Wolfwire is a big yellow and green robo-wolf, and he looks amazing. The detail and paint are excellent, and the clever design in his shoulders allows for nice color separation achieved only with two plastic colors. Basically, it looks like Wolfwire has a lot more paint than he actually does, which almost gives him a premium appearance compared to some other deluxes in the line.  


This figure has some of the best canine proportions on a Transformer I’ve ever seen, thanks in no small part to the multiple-jointed hind legs. Wolfwire has great articulation, too – ball jointed front and rear paws, shoulders, and hips, hinged front legs, hinged and ball jointed hind legs, slight neck movement, and an opening jaw. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him super-poseable, but it’s lot more than you could get from someone like Cybertron Snarl, at least.


Wolfwire also has an opening cockpit, a common feature of wolves. It honestly looks less like a cockpit and more like you’re unpeeling the skin off the wolf’s back, but hey, whatever works. I also want to point out how good the giant green cannon looks when mounted to Wolfwire’s back – he looks like a giant wolf tank, which is awesome.


Titan Master

Wolfwire’s head is a little dude called Monxo, which is almost as silly a name as Xort, but not quite as stupid. Monxo’s grey plastic does a good job of showing off the nice detail on the figure, but the unpainted face is a real bummer.


Robot Mode

With the other two Titans Return Decepticon Headmasters, you usually get one great mode and one not so great mode. Skullsmasher has an excellent alligator mode, Mindwipe has a pretty good robot mode. With Wolfwire, there is no trade off – his robot mode is every bit as sexy as wolf mode. The excellent proportions carry over from wolf mode, and though the front and rear legs still become the robot arms and legs, the clever transformation engineering in his legs makes them look almost perfect in his bipedal form. Plus, the only bits of kibble are the front paws on the underside of his forearms, and the wolf head that still manages to form a fairly clean backpack.


Wolfwire’s got articulation to match his looks: standard Titan Master neck joint (with a solid connection, thankfully), ball-jointed shoulders, hips, and ankles; single-hinged elbows and knees; and thigh, bicep, and waist swivels. The lack of a wrist swivel is kind of  a bummer, as it makes posing with his tail-sword rather limited. The sword itself if pretty good, with the spot of paint keeping it from looking too generic. 


He can hold his giant cannon in his hands or mount it on his shoulder, whichever works for you. It’s just large enough to look unwieldy but not ridiculous, so I’ll give it a pass. I am a little disappointed that there’s nowhere to neatly store his weapons, but that might be a bit much to ask for this price point. Also, while I’m nitpicking, there’s something off about the paint on Wolfwire’s face, mostly with the little edges of his visor. Like Skullsmasher’s eyes, it just looks off in a slightly distracting way.



Exceedingly minor nitpicks aside, Wolfwire is without a doubt the strongest deluxe in wave 2, and probably of the line so far. Both modes are fantastic, well-detailed, and fun, and he’s got some clever transformation tricks that make him more than just “the G1 toy with more joints,” which is unfortunately a trend for modern Classics-style figures. Especially compared with his fellow Decepticon Headmasters, Wolfwire easily stands at the top of pack, and it most certainly worth your time and money.

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