Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Onslaught

Well, it’s been almost two months since covering the deluxes, and it’s finally time to finish reviewing the Combaticons! Dropping in at the last minute of 2015 is Onslaught, the Combaticon leader and roaring metamorphin’ dudicus. As with most of the Combaticons (and, well, most individual combiner bots), there’s not a whole lot to discuss about the character, so let’s dive right in.


Vehicle Mode

Though it may not be obvious at first glance, Onslaught is an extensive retool of Hot Spot from earlier in the wave, with the chief difference being that he’s been flipped around. What was the back of Hot Spot’s fire truck is now the front of Onslaught’s… anti-aircraft turret truck thing. How well this vehicle mode works is entirely up to you. The two main guns are mounted on 5mm ports, so they can swivel up and down, but the turret assembly can’t rotate unless you flip up the wing panels on the sides.


It doesn’t really resemble G1 Onslaught’s vehicle mode much at all, what with the lack of any olive green and it not being an actual truck, but it does a really good job of not looking like Hot Spot, so hey, that’s something. He’s also kind of in scale with the majority of his team, probably. Swindle would have to be an enormous jeep in order to pull it off… why do we care about scale, again?


Robot Mode

Onslaught gets a lot more G1 in robot mode, where he gets his proper olive-green accents and colorful chest details. I kind of wish the blue was a bit G1-richer, but the more drab blue-grey fits the military theme better. Color-wise, I think Onslaught is one of the nicest looking Combiner Wars figures in a while. Also, as if I even need to mention it at this point, but Onslaught’s headsculpt is pretty much perfect.


The purple siren knees are a little conspicuously firetruck, but for the most part Onslaught looks very much like his own ‘bot. The smaller feet, bulkier shoulders, and turret backpack really help give him a distinct silhouette compared to his body-brother.


Onslaught comes with all the pretty-good articulation that Hot Spot had, which is great, and also comes with Hot Spot’s weapons, which is a little problematic. The twin cannons on his back are part of Onslaught’s silhouette, and to remove them kind of messes up his look. It would’ve been nice if Onslaught had the huge Bruticus rifle his G1 counterpart carried, but oh well. Onslaught is more of a tactician and strategist than a front-line warrior, so maybe it fits.



Building off of the already-excellent Hot Spot mold, Onslaught is probably the most faithful modernization of the G1 character in the Combiner Wars line… in robot mode. His vehicle mode isn’t bad by any means, but it’s definitely not going to work for everyone. If you can get past that, though, Onslaught is easily my favorite CW Voyager and among the best this line has to offer. 

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