Review: Transformers RID2015 Megatronus (Clash of the Transformers)

Full disclosure: I still haven’t seen Transformers: Robots in Disguise beyond the first 10 minutes of the first episode and a couple of shorts. I enjoyed the little bits that I saw, and I like a lot of the ideas and characters that I hear about from the show, but I still have no desire to actually sit down and watch it. Keeping this in mind, I use this fact as a method of discouraging myself from buying any more RID toys. It’s obviously not working, because I bought Megatronus with no hesitation. It helps that the character, better known as The Fallen, is a pretty crucial figure in most Transformers lore, but… I’m just making excuses. Let’s look at the toy.


Vehicle Mode

Megatronus is a tank! A particular type of tank that has shown up so many times as a Transformer altmode that it’s known to fans as an H-tank, mostly because it’s shaped like the letter “H”. It’s not exactly a beloved design since no real-life tanks look like this, but Megatronus is ancient robot-Satan, so suck it!


I’m not really going to try and defend this altmode, but it does have some neat elements, mostly that it doesn’t really have any body to speak of. It’s essentially a giant gun on treads, and that’s kind of all it needs to be. For what it’s worth, it’s a pretty unique tank mode, and the giant bayonet is just silly enough to be endearing.


Robot Mode

Before buying this toy, I never really took a close look at RID Megatronus’s character model, so I just assumed that the toy was a good representation of the character in the cartoon. In terms of general shape, it’s very accurate, but the colors are all sorts of wrong. Megatronus has a lot of deep purple and glowing blue highlights that give him a creepy and powerful vibe. The toy… doesn’t, being mostly just a bunch of grey. The dull colors of this release make Megatronus come off very generic, which is not what you want your robot Satan to look like.


That being said, I do actually like the look of this toy. The headsculpt, which is exclusive to this version, looks pretty neat in all its pointy-eared visor glory. Unfortunately, the face-covering visor look only make the toy look even more like a faceless generic. The huge legs made of tank treads and bulk look pretty sweet, creating the illusion that Megatronus is an imposing, hulking mass of a robot, when in reality he’s a Warrior-class figure and barely the same height as Bumblebee.


His articulation is nothing to write home about: ball-jointed neck and hips, faux-ratchet elbows, single-hinge knees, and swivel waist, biceps, and thighs. I’m singling out his shoulders because they’re just weird: There’s a ball joint set deep in his chest that serves as a forward-backward joint for his arms, but provides no other movement. His shoulder pads are on heavy faux-ratchets, but his shoulders themselves are basic hinges. It all works fine and well, it’s just hard to explain.


Lastly, the giant bayonet can remain in its position throughout transformation and becomes a sick (and totally not show-accurate) arm blade in robot mode, or it can detach and Megatronus can wield it as a big knife. In the show, the two bits of kibble on his arms are supposed to be fusion cannons, but it doesn’t come across well on the toy.



It’s kind of difficult to review these RID toys, since I don’t really know what standard I’m supposed to hold them up to. They retail for about as much as Combiner Wars deluxes (depending on where you go), but the engineering is much simpler and they’re aimed at younger kids. All that being said, they’re still pretty cool toys, and I find myself being very forgiving towards them. Megatronus is a pretty good toy for what he is, but he’s really not something I’d urge everyone to go out and hunt down unless you love him on the show. (Also note that the version I reviewed is the Toys R Us exclusive variant, and there is a regular retail release with a non-visor headsculpt and additional paint apps.)

Where to Buy


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