Review: Transformers Combiner Wars First Aid

When First Aid popped up in the second story arc of More Than Meets the Eye, I completely forgot he was a Protectobot and limb of Defensor until much later. Of course, up until recently, First Aid was neither a Protectobot nor a combiner, and was instead a very interesting character who went through (and is still going through, albeit unfortunately interrupted) a fascinating story arc involving diseases and insane doctors and bisections. Basically, it’s the only time I’ve ever cared about a combiner limb who isn’t named Swindle, so when Combiner Wars rolled around I was very excited to add another Lost Light member to my MTMTE shelf. Here’s the newly-appointed Chief of Medicine (now just an arm) himself, First Aid.


Vehicle Mode

Like half of the Protectobots, First Aid is a retool of a previous combiner figure, this time being Offroad the replacement Stunticon. Unlike Blades, however, First Aid has been significantly altered from the Offroad mold, as nearly every part of the vehicle mode has been retooled, to the point where you can hardly tell that they’re the same mold.


Instead of an ambulance, First Aid is the kind of heavy duty rescue vehicle that will get you to a hospital no matter how rough the terrain or how many structures are blocking its path. It’s a rather badass type of vehicle for the normally pacifistic First Aid, but it very much fits the theme of the CW Protectobots being very well-armed and dangerous-looking.


He has a similar weapon storage setup as Offroad as far as his Hand-Foot-Gun goes, with the same unique peg mounted on the top of his vehicle mode for the HFG to mount on. It looks okay, but not quite as effective as Offroad since it sticks out quite a bit more. The axe weapon still just has to peg into the side, which looks arguably sillier on First Aid.


Robot Mode

In robot mode, First Aid looks a lot more like Offroad, despite almost every part of him being a new sculpt. Much like with Blades, First Aid’s red and white makes him look very striking and very fitting for a medic bot, though the differing shades of red between the paint and the plastic bothers me a bit more than I think it should. The larger rear of his altmode also means his calves are huge, which is only really noticeable from certain angles. Also, his back-mounted front-of-a-truck doesn’t secure very well, but the joints are tight enough so that it doesn’t flop around or anything.


Much like Blades, I have mixed feelings regarding First Aid’s new head. On one hand, it’s a very well-sculpted piece and looks a lot like G1 First Aid, but on the other hand it looks really small. Maybe it’s just because his forehead is so huge and makes his face look smaller in comparison, but it just looks off to me. It also looks quite different from his MTMTE depiction, so maybe that’s just throwing me off. At least the paint is well-applied.


First Aid’s weaponry is the same as Offroad’s, which means the pacifistic doctor comes armed with a giant hatchet, presumably for quick and messy battlefield amputations. It definitely suits First Aid better than a gun, and at least it’s a different color than Offroad’s, so I’ll give it a pass. The HFG really has no place in First Aid’s hands, unless he gets fed up by an insane doctor’s taunting jokes and has to blow his head off.


Comparing him to Offroad, I’m honestly not sure who wears the mold better. First Aid is obviously the more striking in terms of colors, and also comes across as a bit bulkier due to his legs. First Aid also has much tighter joints and an overall more solid feel than Offroad. That being said, I really like Offroad, so I’d say they’re both really good toys with their own strengths. Besides, why do I have to pick one?



First Aid is yet another example of how a retool can change the entire feel of a toy, a skill that Hasbro honed to perfection back in 2013 with Sandstorm. Looking almost nothing like Offroad in vehicle mode and still appearing quite different in robot mode, First Aid succeeds in feeling like his own toy rather than a cheap redeco of previous figure (even if he technically is). That being said, it is still the Offroad mold, so if you had issues with the core design of that figure, First Aid likely won’t change your mind.

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