Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Cyclonus

The question of which dead/dying Decepticon was transformed into Cyclonus in the ’86 movie is second only to the Frenzy/Rumble color debate in the Transformers fandom. Galvatron was obviously formed from Megatron, and it’s pretty clear that Scourge was originally Thundercracker. For Cyclonus, however, it’s very unclear. Both Skywarp and Bombshell were in the scene, and they both turned into identical Cyclonus robots as Unicron narrated, “Cyclonus, the warrior, and his armada…” Which one was Cyclonus? Which one was the armada? Hell, which one was the warrior? Not that it matters, anyway, since Cyclonus was very much his own individual in the G1 cartoon and never displayed traits of either Skywarp or Bombshell, but I always liked to think that he used to be Skywarp, mostly because I don’t care about Bombshell and Skywarp looks cool. Anyway, hey, here’s a new Cyclonus toy.


Vehicle Mode

Cyclonus is a retool of Combiner Wars Silverbolt, though this isn’t immediately apparent at first glance. From the top, this looks spot-on to Cyclonus’s space jet altmode from the G1 cartoon, right down to the orange-gold cockpit windows. Of course, looking at any other angle makes it very obvious that, like Silverbolt, Cyclonus’s robot mode is just folded up and stuck to the bottom of the jet mode.


Still, though, I think Cyclonus pulls off the jet mode better than Silverbolt, mostly since Cyclonus is just a space-jet that doesn’t really need to be realistic or aerodynamic in any way, while Silverbolt is really trying to be a Concorde-looking thing. I also just really like purple, and the purple plastic and the dark metallic purple paint used for Cyclonus is absolutely delicious. He also has a much simpler and more unified color palate than Silverbolt, but I’ll get into that for robot mode.


Compared to Universe Deluxe Cyclonus, CW Cyclonus is actually a bit more accurate to G1 in color and general shape, plus he’s a fair bit bigger. Of course, Universe Cyclonus also has a proper transformation and is probably overall a bit better of a toy, so.


Robot Mode

Hey, it’s a purple Silverbolt! Only, well, kind of. It helps if you keep the wings slightly folded out like I do, but I think Cyclonus manages to look distinctively different from Silverbolt, mostly due to the wildly different colors. His entire torso is also remolded to look a lot more Cyclonus-y, and he also has the two extra fins mounted on his arms. The fins connect via 5mm peg and have to be removed and replaced for altmode, but they’re a pretty neat addition subtly distinguishes Cyclonus further from his moldmate.


Cyclonus is also rocking a pretty nice headsculpt, but I’m not sure if it’s directly inspired by any particular version of the character. The prominent front crest seems closest to IDW, but nothing else about the head suggests this. Otherwise he’s pretty straight-up G1 cartoon, but with shortened ears (which is probably just because they wouldn’t fit otherwise). Regardless, it’s another nice and characterful headsculpt for the Combiner Wars line.


Articulation is the same as Silverbolt, so you can check out his review for that rundown. He also comes with the exact same weapon(s) as Silverbolt, but this time in light grey and with way better plastic tolerances on the handles. He can actually hold the buckler in some way! It’s still a ridiculously long-barreled rifle and a semi-doofy shield, but eh, they work.


Just to compare him with the Universe toy, I don’t think you can argue that the new Cyclonus falls a bit short compared to the old one. Universe Cyclonus has a really awesome transformation and a super-clean robot mode, not to mention some killer lightpiping and the best Targetmaster ever. That said, I like the colors and the size of CW Cyclonus a lot more, and the articulation is even better in some respects. Also, CW Cyclonus is more than he appears. For Cyclonus is only a vessel… a vessel for…



BAHAHAHA! There is no Cyclonus, fools! There is only GALVATRONUS! Bearing the head and torso design of I, GALVATRON, I too have joined the Combiner Wars! “But Galvatronus,” you ask, “You have no dedicated limb robots to combine with!” FOOLS! Galvatronus takes ANY limbs he wishes! With my powers of mind control, I can bend the will of any limb robot, especially those FOOLS left behind from Superion and Menasor, and make them SERVE ME! BAHAHAHAHA!



Cyclonus is a fun little bonus to the Combiner Wars lineup. On his own, he makes for a very fine G1 cartoon Cyclonus and a pretty well-done retool of Silverbolt. His torso mode of GALVATRONUS adds a really fun play pattern to the line, plus raises a lot of questions about the nature of this Cyclonus and why he has a big Galvatron head in his chest. My personal headcanon is that this is G1 cartoon loyal Cyclonus, and insane Galvatron is fused to him in a weird symbiotic way and he can only come out in combiner mode. I dunno, I think it’s funny. Anyway, Cyclonus is pretty cool, but you really don’t need to get him unless you want him– he’s exactly what you expect.

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  1. Vincent Blas says:

    Galvatron fused with Cyclonus was in the Japanese comics


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