Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Quicklinger

When Combiner Wars Superion was first revealed, the burning question on everyone’s mind was why Slingshot was suddenly a helicopter. Eventually it turned out that the helicopter was actually a new guy in Slingshot’s colors named Alpha Bravo, and Slingshot (in the IDW comics) was suddenly dead. Fans raged and whined for a time, but then much of the outrage was quelled when Takara announced their version of Superion with Slingshot as a retool of Firefly. Those satisfied with Alpha Bravo would stick with Hasbro, while those who just couldn’t let go of Slingshot went Takara. That is, until Hasbro went “lol jk here’s your Slingshot” as an online exclusive set for May 22nd. Thanks to an Amazon mishap, I got mine a bit early, so let’s take a look at the upcoming final Aerialbot, Slingsh… uh, Quickslinger.


Vehicle Mode

Just like the Takara version, Quickslinger is a straight redeco of Combiner Wars Firefly with a new head. He turns into the same Harrier-ish jet, but this time in all-white with some blue striping. He looks totally fine, if a bit bland being pretty much a solid mass of white plastic. It’s G1-accurate, so I’m not complaining.


Robot Mode

Quickslinger gets a bit more of a distinctive identity in robot mode, mostly due to his really nice headsculpt that kind of makes him look like an arrogant douche. I wish the orange paint on his face had extended onto his cheeks, though. The rest of him is, quite frankly, pretty bland, with a mostly-red torso and an otherwise black-and-white body. He looks nice, don’t get me wrong, but standing next to more visually interesting members of his squad makes Quickslinger look particularly dull.


For weapons, Quickslinger gets the exact same loadout as Firefly, right down to the same HFG. I kind of wish he could’ve at least gotten a different gun or even the same gun in a different color a la Air Raid, but I guess it works. Articulation is the same as Firefly and practically every other CW Deluxe, so no surprises there.


As a replacement for Alpha Bravo, I have to give Quickslinger credit. Using both him and Firefly as arms looks fantastic, giving Superion a nicer, semi-symmetrical look that I feel tightens up his aesthetic a bit. Plus it’s just nice to see Superion being formed from all jets instead of a random helicopter thrown in (still love you though AB).



Quickslinger and his “wavemate” Brake-Neck are really little more than neat, optional additions for their respective combiners aimed at G1 fans. When you think about it, though, the whole thing really is a clever ploy that forced us to buy Alpha Bravo just to have Superion, and then later on releasing the “proper” fourth limb, and then Hasbro’s pretty much guaranteed to sell another toy. As devious as it is, it’s still nice to at least have options. Quickslinger is definitely nothing new and nothing terribly special, but he compliments Superion very well, and if you’re a hardcore Geewunner he’s a must-have.

Where to Buy

Neither Quickslinger nor Brake-Neck have been officially released, but Hasbro has confirmed a release date of May 22nd for the two at pretty much any official retailer. Amazon has been sporadically putting them up early at retail price, but given the amount of hype and marketing Hasbro did for the two, I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be hard to find after their release.


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