Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Motormaster

Finally wrapping up the Stunticons is their illustrious unpleasant bully of a leader, the MACHO MAN RANDY– uh, The Motor Mas– uh, well, just Motormaster. Sadly, this is G1 Motormaster, not Animated’s hilariously awesome The Motor Master, but we can all pretend, right? We’ve taken a look at this much-maligned mold once before when it was (perhaps misused as) Optimus Prime, but will some remolds and a new paintjob help out this toy with its Decepticon identity?


Vehicle Mode

It’s not immediately obvious at first, but nearly every part of Motormaster’s altmode aside from the rear (his legs) is an entirely new sculpt. The windshield, the grille, the lights, the bumper, the side panels, and the back of the cabin are all different from Optimus Prime. Aside from the wind vane (which, oddly, was a notable design trait from IDW Optimus Prime’s altmode), the changes are very subtle… almost too subtle to even be worth it, but I appreciate the detail. The grey/black colors and purple details really do a lot to differentiate Motormaster from Prime, and as a truck goes he still looks pretty great. 



Surprise! It’s the exact same as Optimus Prime, only with the added step of flipping over the wind vane flaps (seriously, shouldn’t these have been on Optimus? I’m really confused). It’s still a simple, yet satisfying conversion that I can’t find fault in.


Robot Mode

Now it becomes apparent who this mold was really made for. The wide, bulky proportions that were confusing for the typically athletic-built Optimus are perfect for a bruiser thug like Motormaster. The oddly-flat chest works better here than it did with the typical Optimus window-boobs, and the uniform color scheme helps with his overall proportions. Motormaster’s headsculpt is one of my favorites to come out of the line: he’s one ugly mother-slagger with his face stuck in a box and he is not happy about anything (it also kinda looks like he just smelled something real bad, too). The vibrant purple accents on his body really pop, and make him a really nice robot to look at.


Articulation is the same as Prime so I won’t cover the whole thing, but I will note that his ball-jointed head is much more expressive than Optimus’s was. Motormaster trades in Optimus’s two guns for a small sword and a weird-looking gun that looks like it’s actually part of a sword. That’s because it is, of course, but I actually don’t think it looks too bad as an alien rifle. Both weapons can combine into a big sword, but that’s best saved for… something else.



If you were put off by Optimus Prime and hated the figure, get Motormaster. If you loved Optimus Prime and the mold, get Motormaster. Motormaster has a strange, inexplicable feel about him that makes you completely forget that he’s the same toy as Optimus Prime even though they’re virtually identical. Obviously Motormaster is necessary for the combiner aspect, but as a standalone figure I think he’s one of the best voyagers in the line, even beating out Silverbolt.

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