Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Offroad

Poor Drag Strip, stuck in the first wave as the sole representative of the Decepticon combiners and forced to merge with the Aerialbots so that fans can mimic a complete Superion. With the arrival of wave 2, Drag Strip has finally been joined by his team of no-gooder thugs, the Stunticons. Starting off this team of classic, fan favorite sports cars is… a new character who turns into a truck. Offroad is here to replace the missing (for now) Wildrider. His presence has triggered a ruckus amongst the fandom, but how does the newcomer stand in the ranks of the Stunticons?


Vehicle Mode

Offroad is a truck, which in itself is a travesty in the eyes of many a Geewunner. Humorously, Offroad seems to have painted himself in colors emulating the departed Wildrider, which fits in line with his implied characterization of the weird new guy who acts like he’s been with the group the whole time and wants them to believe he actually has. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool truck that at least looks like it could speed along with a group of sports cars.


You can slap the HFG or his axe onto the ports either on the side or the bed of his truck mode, but why would you do that? There’s also weird protrusion emerging from his truck bed with no immediate purpose. Somebody get Nightbeat to investigate this mystery. It’s for mounting the HFG, you idiot. Call me when there’s a real mystery. –NB



Despite his presence in the Stunticons, Offroad owes his transformation scheme more to the Aerialbots. His legs convert in the same untab-split-unfold-tab method, and his truck front folds down on a similar two-joint system. It’s not disappointing or poor by any stretch, but transforming Offroad will feel oddly familiar after the four Aerialbots and just plain odd compared to the more unique Stunticons.


Robot Mode

Any notion of a reformatted Wildrider fade away when Offroad gets to his robot mode, showing off his delightfully-individualistic teal accents and a sickly green face housed in a distinct headsculpt. The way he goes from sorta-like Wildrider to very much not Wildrider is really funny to me. It helps that his robot mode is also kind of awesome, boasting some killer proportions to go along with the popping colors.


His articulation is basic: ball-jointed neck, shoulders, hips; swivel knees, biceps, thighs, and waist; and faux-ratcheting elbows. It’s nothing special, and par for the course as far as CW Deluxes go, so I can’t fault or praise it. His big shoulder door panels do bump into the big chunk of truck he keeps as a backpack, but the panels are on their own hinges and can easily fold out of the way.


Going along with the theme of the Stunticons having melee weapons, Offroad comes armed with a sick-looking axe that manages to not be ludicrously big like every other robot axe. His HFG also has some really nice-looking engine detail, but it’s just as unwieldy as everyone else’s.



Like Alpha Bravo, Offroad is the new guy and the oddball of the group. I think that having a truck in the Stunticons is a lot less offensive than having a helicopter in the Aerialbots (which I don’t find offensive, but jets are a lot faster than helicopters), and Offroad looks a lot cooler as a standalone ‘bot with his unique colors and design. The announcement of upcoming Slingshot and Wildrider releases later on in the line have quelled a lot of fan discontent, but I think Offroad is strong enough as a standalone figure to check out even if you’re not into the idea of him as part of Menasor.

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