Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Air Raid

Now free from the clutches of port strikes and delays, the second wave of Combiner Wars has finally burst into the market, and now it’s time for Combiner Week II: Merge for the Kill! (Maybe this time it’ll actually be a week…) Kicking off the new wave will be the conclusion of the Aerialbots with Air Raid, capping off the fantastic fliers with his swing-wing swagger.


Vehicle Mode

Surprise! Air Raid is a jet. He has most in common with an F-14 Tomcat given the swing-wing design, but as with the rest of his ilk, it’s not exactly spot-on. His black coloration makes him stand out fairly well from his lighter-colored companions, though the huge chunks of robot undercarriage do him no favors with their bright white and red hues.

IMG_1168Also, if you hadn’t noticed, Air Raid’s legs are identical in mold to Skydive’s. Like Skydive, Air Raid is also sadly bereft of landing gear. But hey, you can stick his on top of the jet! For some reason! Yay?



It’s pretty much the same as the other Aerialbots: legs unfold in that cool split-apart system, cockpit joints down a bit, and arms fold out. Air Raid has the added feature of his wings swinging up, which isn’t exactly a huge added conversion step, but hey, I work with what I’ve got.


Robot Mode

Holy heck, Air Raid looks nice. Between Skydive’s bulky legs and arms, the big blocky broad chest, and the extra wing-fins to fill out his backpack, Air Raid comes off as a lot bigger than his squadmates. He doesn’t have Skydive’s oddly-wide shoulders, and he isn’t a skinny beanpole like Firefly or Alpha Bravo. He’s a solid, beefy robot man and he looks great, and with a nice headsculpt to boot (though his eyes are a little small).


In addition to getting his arms and legs from the same shop as Skydive, it looks like they also go gun shopping in the same place. Air Raid has the same twin-barreled cannon, though this time it’s in white. The HFG is also identical to Skydive’s missile-knuckles/toes, which is kind of a shame.


Articulation is mostly pretty much exactly the same as the other Aerialbots: ball-jointed shoulders, hips, and neck; and basic swivels knees, elbows, biceps, and thighs. Sadly his neck isn’t nearly as expressive as AB and Fireflight, but eh. It’s also worth pointing out that all of Air Raid’s joints are super tight and feel great. I point this out for reasons that, well, we’ll get to later on in the week.



Despite being about 50% reused from Skydive’s mold, Air Raid comes with some really nice colors and stellar proportions that make him stand on his own alongside his Aerialbot brethren. The F-14 wings also give him a unique silhouette in both jet and robot modes, further disguising the mold similarities. At the end of the day, Air Raid is pretty much more of the same when it comes to the Combiner Wars Aerialbots, but he pulls it off with excellence and caps off the team well.

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