Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Skydive

Rounding off the first wave of Combiner Wars deluxes is the sole Aerialbot without white as a primary color: Skydive. I… don’t know what to say about Skydive, other than that he apparently has a personality: he’s a bookish nerd. NEEEEERD!


Vehicle Mode

Like Firefly, Skydive has randomly changed altmodes from an F-16 to a… F-18 with parts of an F-16? Eh? It’s a fighter jet. Skydive does suffer the most for having his entire arms and torso as a big block undercarriage, but it’s not as bad as, say, Silverbolt. His black tail wings are made from a soft, rubbery plastic for some reason, but they don’t seem easily-deformed. Skydive’s wings are also sadly missing their unique lightning bolt patterns. Maybe he grew out of it.



Skydive transforms almost exactly the same as Firefly, but with a twist: his shoulders are on a rotating joint that allow them to move up into place for robot mode, or down for jet mode. It’s nothing terribly complex, but it keeps him from being too simple. Everything else is the same.


Robot Mode

Skydive stands out from his teammates by looking big, buff, and bulky. He has broader shoulders, thicker arms, and beefier legs. He may be a nerd, but apparently he works out. Like everyone else in this line, Skydive has an excellent headsculpt punctuated by some really nice bronze paint. Appearance-wise, he’s without a doubt my favorite of the Aerialbots.


Articulation is the exact same as Firefly, just without the enhanced shrugging joints. Also, due to the shape of his head, Skydive’s neck joint isn’t quite as emotive as the others, which is a bummer. Skydive also has a really cool double-barreled rifle as for a weapon, as well as the standard HFG with missiles sculpted on the tips.



I think Skydive may be the strongest Aerialbot, if not the strongest figure of the wave. Where Alpha Bravo and Firefly felt a bit light and hollow (though still good toys), Skydive feels big and hefty, even if he is the same pricepoint and overall design. I also dig the unique colors and his sharp headsculpt, both of which make him stand out from his brethren. Now that we’ve covered the limbs, it’s time to see what the torsos bring to the table…

Where to Buy


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