Review: Transformers Combiner Wars Firefly

Moving on to more traditional Autobot fliers, let’s take a look at one of the two “proper” Aerialbots from wave one: Firefly, otherwise known as Fireflight. Ol’ Fireguy had a retool homage back in the Fall of Cybertron line under the name Air Raid, but now he gets a proper toy in all his red and white glory. You can take his altmode, you can take his name, you can replace his teammate with someone else. He won’t care. He’s still free. You can’t take the sky from him.


Vehicle Mode

No longer a Phantom II, Firefly takes the form of a Harrier jet, though his colors are spot-on. It’s a really nice altmode, and definitely my favorite of the three aerial vehicles of the wave. His arms kind of are just sitting there, but it’s easy not to notice them. His head, on the other hand, is really obviously there under his cockpit and really hoping you don’t see it. There are ports on his wings for weapon storage, but it looks really silly, so why would you do that?



Transformation is essentially the same as Alpha Bravo’s, just backwards. The back of the jet cracks open then reseals to extend the legs, the arms detach from the sides, and the nosecone collapses down. It’s simple. Too simple? I don’t think so, but maybe someone does. I think it accomplishes everything it needs to.


Robot Mode

Firefly looks really nice. His headsculpt is super sharp and spot-on to the character, and the lovely blue paint gives him some nice, vibrant eyes. He does come off looking a little thin, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. His shoulders are a bit odd-looking, though, with their long-pegged joints. One really nice thing about Firefly is that his combiner peg is white, allowing it to blend in well and not stand out like on Drag Strip and Alpha Bravo.


Firefly has mostly the exact same articulation as Alpha Bravo, so go check out his review for full coverage. The only thing he has over AB is an additional shoulder hinge for aerial shrugging action. He also has a very expressive ball-jointed neck, which I love. For weapons, Firefly has his gun that looks a lot like a flamethrower, which is really cool and a kind of clever homage to GI Joe’s Firefly. He also comes with a HFG with sculpted cannons, but like everyone else, he looks silly using it.



I go back and forth on which jet-based Aerialbot I like the most. I tend to give the edge to Skydive, but that’s not to say Firefly isn’t a really nice toy. He’s a bit simple and pretty much the same as the others, engineering-wise, but he has an effective style to him and he’s a perfect update to the G1 character. 

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