Review: Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Deluxe Bumblebee

I kept up with Transformers Prime throughout its run, but as the show went on I liked it less and less. The writing was just poor and I really didn’t like the story or character direction, so the end of the show left a bitter taste in my mouth for the so-called “Aligned” continuity. Its sequel, Robots in Disguise, seems to be aiming for a bit more of a light-hearted approach, plus weird 2D-ish CGI animation and a visual style not unlike that of Transformers Animated. It already looks like a pretty fun show, though at this point I don’t see myself following it week-to-week. But then, I also didn’t see myself picking up any of the toys from the show, either, but yet here I am with Warrior (or Deluxe) Bumblebee.


Vehicle Mode

Like every other Bumblebee from the past seven years, RID ‘Bee takes the form of a fairly large car. Due to the stylized design of the show, this car is much more angular and future-sleek than his previous American muscle car, which is already a nice change of pace. When we first saw pictures of this mode, it was compared to the Vehicons of Prime, which isn’t at all a bad thing.


As far as vehicle modes go, it’s quite nice and surprisingly large and hefty for a modern Deluxe (or Deluxe equivalent). The only downsides are the clipped-on wheels and the overall lack of paint, but neither end up being too bothersome. He also rocks some effective weapon storage under the car, which is always appreciated.



Once more in Vehicon comparisons, Bumblebee’s conversion was initially predicted to be (and accused of being) very similar to the PRID Vehicon toy, which… isn’t terribly accurate. At most, it’s just a more simplified, similar transformation scheme. The cardback advertises a 7-step transformation, and part of the draw of these RID toys are their easier conversions. Bumblebee is easy to transform, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s smooth, quick, and fairly intuitive, but you’ll find no challenge in this plastic puzzle.


Robot Mode

Bee’s robot mode follows the same sharp, angular style as his vehicle mode and looks fairly accurate to his show model… in sculpt, that is. As far as colors go, he’s sorely missing quite a few paint apps, most notably his eyebrows. They’re sculpted, but painted the same silver as his face. I plan on taking some ink to those and the two vent-things on the sides of his face, but painting toys is not in my skill set. Reprolabels will probably make a killing off of this guy, because lack of paint apps aside, he actually looks really good. The big scan-gimmick badge is annoying, but not as bad here as on his wavemates.


Some more Vehicon similarities are present here, which is kind of weird but likely just a coincidence of the design aesthetic. He has some rather clunky kibble on his back and the backs of his legs, but neither hinders articulation too much. I like the design idea of his door-wings, but they’re just a bit too low and too small to really affect his look, as they’re often obscured by his huge shoulders. What Bumblebee sorely lacks is any type of heel spur, though, which results in him being VERY difficult to stand. You can unfold his windshield kibble a bit to try and rectify the problem, but it doesn’t work too well.


His articulation is mostly basic, though: ball-jointed head and shoulders (plus an additional “shrugging” joint), bicep, waist, and thigh swivels, and simple elbow and knee bends. A wrist swivel would’ve been great considering his weapon choice, but it’s not too much of a problem. Bumblebee manages to make his rather unimpressive articulation work pretty darn well despite his limitations.


Bumblebee’s sole weapon is a sword, which is kind of a cool new feature of the character and kind of works with him being Autobot leader. It’d make a bit more sense if it was the Star Saber (he did use it to kill Megatron, after all), but all accounts say that it’s just a normal sword. Still, it looks pretty cool in its trans-blue glory, and ‘Bee can wield it well despite his lack of wrist swivels. Unlike, say, AOE Leader Prime, ‘Bee can pull off some pretty good poses with his sword, even the “Winter is coming” stance!



I only picked Bumblebee up on a whim of curiosity and impatience waiting for TFSource to ship my Combiner Wars wave (never preordering from them again), and I’ve got to say that he’s a surprisingly fun toy. He’s not going to blow your mind in any way like Generations Arcee, but Bumblebee is a solid toy that outshines most mainline ‘Bees from the last few years. I wouldn’t say go rush out and buy him, but if you have a passing interest in the new RID toys, Bumblebee leaves a good first impression. Here’s hoping the show is equally satisfying.

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2 Responses to “Review: Transformers Robots in Disguise (2015) Deluxe Bumblebee”
  1. From its stereotypes and endlessly quipping tinpot has-been-bro-heroes to its brazen product placement, pandering to the Chinese market, and incessant bombast, this flick’s the nadir of 21st-century F/X blockbusters–no weight or wonder, just clanking off


  2. Thorrellius says:

    Good review.. I like your openness to RiD. Most Tf fans just slammed the show without actually watching it. MOST.

    Liked by 1 person

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