Review: Marvel Legends Nova

To be totally honest, I only got this guy to complete the Groot build-a-figure for my Guardians of the Galaxy lineup. I had only the faintest idea who Nova was and absolutely no attachment to the character, so as soon as I got him and popped him open, I more or less immediately tossed him in the “eh, might sell it” bin. That is, until I received the Annihilation omnibus, which gave me a proper introduction to Richard Rider and made me super happy that I never got around to actually selling this guy. Still kind of the odd man out of the Marvel Legends Guardians lineup (though not nearly as much as that dumb Iron Man), here’s Nova.



First off, I think this Nova costume is badass. Blue and gold is one of my favorite color combinations, and Richard wears it so well. The design is really slick as well, with the pointy, streamlined gauntlet and boot… things. I even dig the helmet in all its stylistic goofiness. The huge red star-thing might be a bit much in its rubbery plastic, but at least it’s not too malformed. The toy nails the colors, especially with the blue being a deliciously metallic shade, much like the Iron Patriot(s) and Iron Monger BAF back in the Iron Man 3 Legends wave.



Richard has the standard Marvel Legends articulation: ball joint/hinged neck, universal shoulders, hips, and ankles, double-jointed elbows and knees, waist, bicep and thigh swivels, and a ratcheted ab crunch. The shoulder pauldron-armor-things are on hinges so that they don’t get in the way of posing. Everything works well enough, though some of the joints on mine, particularly the shoulders, bicep swivels, and hips, are rather loose. Apparently this is a common problem that may actually fix itself over time (mine feels a bit tighter than it was out of the box), but as it is the toy can still hold poses just fine.



None, unless you count a big chunk of Groot. I can’t think of any accessories Nova would need, though, aside from energy effects parts. Those would’ve been a cool inclusion, but they’re hardly necessary.



Nova was one of the two non-MCU characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends wave, and was easily the most sought-after. I’m not terribly familiar with the character (or Cosmic Marvel in general) outside of Annihilation, so I’m not sure what the status of this version of Nova/Richard Rider is in the current comics or if he’s popular in the fanbase. However, this toy is probably a must-have if you’re a fan of Annihilation-era Cosmic Marvel, because it’s the best version of Nova yet. Not to mention you need him to complete Groot, but unlike that dumb Iron Man, Nova is a great figure in his own right. Definitely pick him up if you can.

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  1. JbScripts says:

    Hi, great review and one that’s pushed me to order Annihilation. Slightly OT question though, what flight stand do you use for your reviews?


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