Review: Transformers Generations Chromia

To call 2014 the year of the fembots for Transformers would not be a terribly inaccurate statement. Last year saw the release of four female Autobots, one of which is part of the main cast of the upcoming cartoon, one of which is the fan-made new character, and two of which are characters from G1 who are finally getting plastic representation. Also, the IDW comics shuffled the controversial Spotlight: Arcee under the rug and reintroduced fembots into the continuity with three big names: the aforementioned Windblade, the brand-new Nautica, and the classic blue-hued gal herself, Chromia. Though Chromia has gotten several toys cross-continuities, this is the first one that is based (more or less) directly off of her G1 appearance… despite being a remold.


Vehicle Mode

Before I say much about this toy, I just want to point out that Chromia is indeed a retool of Prime RID Arcee, which you can probably see from the folded-up legs in bike mode. Other than that, this toy looks completely original, taking the form of a deliciously Tron-esque (though I guess more Afterburner-esque) lightcycle rather than a motorbike. Right off the bat, I absolutely adore this altmode. If you stare at it for a while you can see the folded-up robot arms and legs, but everything folds up so neat and tight that you don’t have time to care.



The colors are incredibly eye-pleasing and I love how the front wheel juts out on a clear plastic strut to give the illusion that it’s disconnected from the bike. Also, you can keep Chromia’s gun in her hand in bike mode to give her something of a tailpipe, which is the kind of great weapon storage that makes me a very happy camper.



Chromia’s transformation is essentially very simple, as she is still the equally simple PRID Arcee mold. The only real difference is that she ends up with a lot more back kibble, as Chromia trades in large wings for a large canopy. The conversion is smooth and quick, but overly-tight joints on mine made for a rather irritating first couple of transformations. But hey, it’s better than floppy joints.


Robot Mode

In robot mode, the similarities to Prime Arcee become much more readily apparent… but you don’t care because Chromia looks fantastic. The body and legs are more or less unchanged from the original, but everything else is so perfectly G1 Chromia that you don’t really notice. It’s no wonder people were were swearing up and down that this was a new mold when pictures came out. The best part is how well this figure covers up the Prime aesthetic to make Chromia fit right into a neo-G1 lineup, particularly the clipped-on armor bits to bulk out her biceps.

IMG_0148Chromia is exceptionally articulated, with ball-jointed head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hips, as well as swivel knees and thighs. One big problem, however, is her skirt piece. It replaces what was the bike seat on Arcee, but wraps around to match Chromia’s IDW appearance. Problem is, it’s a static piece, so when it’s folded down flush with her legs, she can’t move her legs outward at all. There really needed to be an outward hinge here to allow for this movement. Also, the huge mound of back kibble is probably really bothering someone, but not me (though I really, really wish they had made the canopy a detachable riot shield like her IDW art). Chromia gets a small black pistol as a weapon, which she holds with excellence.



If you thought Sandstorm was a great example of how a retool can change the entire feel of a toy, then you’ll be blown away by Chromia, who gets bonus points for being a blue bicycle fembot that was originally a blue bicycle fembot but still manages to look completely different. Chromia looks great, matching up well enough to her G1 look and IDW design and finally feeling like a proper incarnation of the character. Besides, she’s another mainline fembot! That’s reason enough to pick her up.

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