Review: Transformers Go! Hunter Ratchet

Go Prime wasn’t the only weirdly awesome figure to come out of Takara’s second Prime toyline. One of the main features of the Hasbro Beast Hunter line were multiple new molds and retools of show characters with strange beast-like themes. The Autobots generally just got spikes added to them, and the Decepticons became beast-themed, often all with very weird colors. For the Go! line, these figures were mostly released with proper show-accurate color schemes… with one particular exception. Beast Hunters Ratchet was instead given a Movie-inspired color scheme, a Decepticon alignment, and blood-red eyes, turning the already questionably-heroic-looking Hasbro toy into a seriously evil-looking ‘bot in the form of Hunter Ratchet.


Vehicle Mode

Beast Hunters Ratchet swapped the red for dark orange and added weird cream-colored spiky bits to the ambulance, as well as a big spiky rocket thing in the back. It looked terrible. Hunter Ratchet excels by having an actual color scheme of metallic lime green and dark grey, with hints of white and gold. It looks really nice, especially with the red windshield. Also, painted rims are always appreciated.


Ratchet is, of course, traditionally an ambulance, but what is Hunter Ratchet supposed to be? The white heartbeat line and siren tell me that he’s still apparently some sort a rescue vehicle… though I kind of doubt this guy is going to be out saving anyone. The newly-molded spiky bits are picked out and look a lot better, especially the rear with its big jet engine thing. You can mount his drill-gun-thing on the top or sides, but why would you do that?



Ratchet was one of the better Prime Deluxe toys, up there with Wheeljack and the Vehicon. He’s got a pretty intuitive transformation that replicated the CGI model very well, with the exception of paint apps. He still ends up with big shells of the truck cab on his calves, but it’s hardly an issue. Spring-loaded head reveals always make for exciting transformations.


Robot Mode

According to the translated bio, this toy represents Ratchet being captured by the Decepticons and tortured by Dark Energon, becoming Hunter Ratchet. It seems inspired by Ratchet’s capture and forced employment by Megatron in the cartoon, only a lot more interesting. Imagine if this had been a plot in the cartoon. Hunter Ratchet looks exceptionally evil with his creepy colors, jagged gauntlets, high collar, and newly-sculpted head–


Dear God, that headsculpt. The Beast Hunters version looked sinister enough with the weird green monocle and extra face armor, but it moreso resembled a mad scientist (Reanimator?) look. On Hunter Ratchet, he looks like the kind of sadistic doctor that you’d expect to have a stereotypical German accent. The red monocle and piercing red eye look gloriously evil, especially once you pipe some light through it (sadly, the monocle is not lightpiped). The face has the strange effect of either looking like his just has his mouth shut at an angle, or that his mouth is open and screaming. I’m sure the former was the intent, but the latter works, too.


No articulation was lost in the remold, so Ratchet maintains his ball-jointed head, shoulders, and hips, swivel biceps, waist, and thighs, and double-jointed elbows and knees (though the knees are limited by his leg kibble). What Hunter Ratchet does lose, though, are the meat cleavers scalpels that came with the original Ratchet. Instead, Hunter gets a big gold drill weapon that spins when you press a button, and also splits open to reveal a small gatling gun. I’m usually not into weapons like these, but this one is small enough and fitting enough to the character for me to let it slide. Also, it’s fun to make it spin.



Much like Go Prime, Hunter Ratchet takes a rather lackluster toy from the Prime line, gives it a makeover and a whole new backstory, and turns it into a kickass figure that looks miles ahead of the original mold. Like Go Prime and the rest of the Go! line, Hunter Ratchet has popped up on Amazon for a very affordable price, and he’s also on sale at BBTS. If you like the Ratchet toy or just think this one looks the best (because it is), don’t hesitate to pick one up.


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