Review: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)

If you ask a Star Wars fan what the best lightsaber duel in the saga is, you’ll probably either hear Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul or Anakin vs. Obi-Wan. Well, both of those are wrong. The best lightsaber duel is Luke vs. Vader in ROTJ, because it is easily the most character-driven and meaningful. Sure, the prequel fights were all flashy and fun to watch and well-choreographed, but all the jumping around and flipping… it’s all too much. When Luke and Vader duel, it’s more than just a swordfight, it’s a son trying to redeem his father. Of course, Luke begins to lose control and slips into the same path as his father… only to realize it and deny the Emperor and the Dark Side victory. It’s an amazing scene altogether and is easily the best of the franchise.

So, naturally, I got the best toy of my favorite character in his best scene: The Black Series Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight.



Luke may be a matured adult by the time of Jedi, but he’s still kind of a short and skinny guy. As such, he stands a fair bit shorter than your average 6-inch figure, but that’s totally okay. His skinny look did throw me off at first, but it’s more or less accurate and mostly just due to his head, which is… a bit off. The sculpting on his body is pretty great overall, as it’s pretty much just a black jumpsuit with minimal detail. The paint is also well-applied… because it’s just black and some silver. It’s not much, but it’s all it really needs to be.

The head is where some problems arise. The sculpt itself is fairly good and looks suitably 1983 Hamill, but it might be a tad too large, and those eyes. They look like big puppy-dog eyes and I don’t understand it. They way his eyes are painted on mine makes it worse by looking like they’re looking up, but I’ve seen other copies with his eyes looking straight-ahead… and still big and bright. Also, it’s a real shame Hasbro skimped on painting faces after the first couple of waves. Han and the previous Lukes have much nice-looking faces, as the paint takes away the plastic shine and brings out the detail. FIX IT HASBLOW



With a notable exception, the Black Series figures have generally boasted pretty impressive articulation. Luke, being a skinny Jedi with no armor or pouches to encumber him, is high up on the posability scale: ball-jointed head and waist, ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and ankles, double-jointed knees, and thigh swivels. I think he could have used double-jointed elbows for better lightsaber posing, but Luke can wield his laser sword quite well, even two-handed.



Luke’s primary accessory is his Jedi lightsaber, which can be detached into hilt and blade, and the hilt hooks onto a spot on his belt, which is always my favorite feature in Star Wars figures. Unfortunately, like his head, Luke’s lightsaber hilt seems a tad too large. I could be wrong, but shouldn’t it be a bit smaller? It’s also made of a very rubbery plastic, so any time you have him hold his saber two-handed, expect the hilt to seriously bend before you make adjustments. At the very least, the blade pegs in mostly straight, unlike some other lightsabers of the line. Luke also comes with an alternate torso plate to represent the clothing damage/open shirt look he took on late in ROTJ. It’s a totally unnecessary inclusion, but I guess I appreciate it being there?



If not for his weird head, I’d say ROTJ Luke would be perfect. As-is, he’s still pretty darn good. As far as the three Lukes released so far, however, I think I would put this one last. Both Pilot Luke and Bespin Luke boast superior sculpts and paintwork, as well as more accessories. That said, Jedi Luke is the best Luke, so in a lot of ways I’d say this figure is necessary. If you’re only going to get one Luke, though, I think I’d skip this one and go for the ESB version.

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