Review: Transformers AOE Voyager Slog

I think we can all agree that the Dinobots were completely mishandled in Age of Extinction. Despite being the “gimmick” of the film and the main draw being giant robot dinosaurs, they end up showing up in the last fifteen minutes of a three-hour film with little to no explanation, and are never even referred to as Dinobots, much less their given names. We also only got four Dinobots in the film, one of which being the completely new character of Scorn. The toyline gave us Slash from the film’s concept art, but what of the classic Dinobots Snarl and Sludge? I covered Snarl’s toxic-green rendition last week, and now we’ll be taking a look at the ‘bot who was once Sludge, Slog.


Dinosaur Mode

Slog assumes the form of a robotic brontosaurus apatosaurus with giant red lances strapped to his sides. He’s also covered in spikes, as is the movie Dinobot style. Slog is surprisingly large, too, comprised of a hefty chunk of bulk with large trunk-like legs and an appropriately long neck. The giant red lances add to his look, and I honestly think they’re just silly enough to work… even if they can’t really serve any practical usage, as I don’t believe the apatosaurus was quite capable of running. Speaking of which, Slog himself probably can’t do much running anyway, as his leg articulation is essentially nothing. His neck can move around a bit, though, so there’s something.



Slog’s transformation actually had me stumped on a few occasions, and it does pull off a few really neat conversion tricks, particularly how the entire “skin” of the beast mode torso wraps around the skeleton of the robot legs. Things can get a bit bothersome in the torso area, but it’s not anything too frustrating. Slog’s transformation is definitely unique, which is always a plus. You also don’t have to remove the giant red lances or spikes for transformation, but it does make it smoother.


Robot Mode

While the general theme of the movie Dinobots was very medieval knight, the non-film Dinobots seem to have branched out in style. I’ve heard Slog is meant to be barbarian themed, but I honestly don’t quite see it. He looks more to me like a giant, fear-inducing evil knight who is undefeated and will kill everyone– basically the Dinobot version of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane.



Slog really does look like a huge, lumbering wall of armor and spikes. His colors are saved from being boring by the bright red accents, which also make it look like he has volcanoes on his shoulders, which is funny. The weird spike pieces can mount on his shoulders to form weird spikes, and the giant red lances can stay pegged into their swiveling mounts to come up over his shoulders. This is probably the best place for them, as using them as handheld lances is questionably possible.


Slog is a huge wall of a big guy covered in chunky armor, so he doesn’t have a whole lot of capacity to move around much. His head is on a nicely expressive ball joint, his shoulders and hips are on universal joints, but are limited by the surrounding armor from achieving any huge ranges. His elbows have a single joint that only bend a little bit, which also sucks because his wrists are fixed in the palm-up position and have no articulation. Why would a toy with giant red lances as its main weapons be made unable to properly wield them? He has a waist joint, at least, and his knees have a decent bend, as do his ankles, but only forward/backward. He also has bicep and thigh swivels.



I was initially very turned off by Slog’s stock images. He just looked unposable, not fitting with the other Dinobots, and just boring. Now that I have him in hand, he’s still not very articulate, but given his overall look, I can excuse it. He’s definitely not boring and in fact looks pretty unique, but I think you have to kind of be into his look in order to appreciate it. He also does fit in with the other Dinobots quite nicely, filling in the “big guy” role much better than the Deluxe Slug. And he’s got giant red lances. Slog is a wholly harmless release that isn’t a spectacular toy but certainly isn’t a bad one. Pick him up on sale to complete your Dinobots, but he’s probably not for everyone.

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