Review: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Prototype Boba Fett

Well… I found it. I had all but given up my search on the sought-after exclusive, until I walked into a Walgreen’s hoping to find a Darth Vader, and instead found three Prototype Bobas just sitting there on the shelf. Since I’m a decent human being, I only bought one (albeit the one that had the best paint apps), and for the sake of completing the trifecta, here’s my review of the Walgreen’s exclusive Boba Fett in his prototype colors.



Obviously, this is just the 6″ Boba Fett that I already reviewed, so I’ll try not to repeat myself too much. The sculpt is still just as great as always, being the same toy and all. Given that the toy is essentially just Boba Fett but with all-white armor, it should come across as a bit dull, but I was actually very surprised at how nice the color scheme looks. I could just be my poor color perception, but it looks like his fabric-looking undersuit is a slightly off-white compared to the more stark white armor parts, which gives the toy a very subtle but effective palate. Also, the cape is a lot softer of a material and looks really pretty with the grey stripe. And huzzah for good paint apps!



Yeah, there’s nothing different here. It’s the same rather limited articulation, particularly in his hips, which neuters a lot of posing potential. Like the film colors, white Fett really only looks good when he’s just standing there looking cool.



Same accessories: rifle and pistol, but this time both are unpainted black plastic. On one hand you’re losing paint apps, but on the other hand, I think the plain black weapons look better against the stark white everything. It may just be plastic tolerances, but this Boba holds his rifle better than my normal one. He also comes with the jetpack, which pegs into his back like the normal version.



Prototype Boba Fett is a very good choice for an exclusive. Boba’s always going to be a sought-after character in pretty much any incarnation, so a ton of people are going to want the all-white prototype colors, and with good reason: Boba looks really good in these colors, and the toy pulls it off wonderfully. Everyone knows how cool Mandalorian armor is, and seeing it in pure white makes this guy really stand out on a shelf. Prototype Boba does what it needs to do with excellence… but it’s most certainly not a necessity for everyone. It’s still just a white Boba Fett based on some concept art with no basis in canon. If this had been some other character and not just another Boba Fett, this exclusive would’ve been a pain for many a Star Wars fan. As it is, though, I could’ve lived without Prototype Boba, but I am glad to have him.


Where to Buy

Walgreen’s, pretty much. eBay prices for him are actually fairly decent, running as low as $30. I probably wouldn’t pay more than that for him as the toy itself is still kind of “meh,” but I do admit that the overall look of this version somewhat makes up for the toy’s other flaws. In this case, I would recommend you pay what you think he’s worth, but keep a lookout in stores nearby– he’s still popping up.



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