Review: Transformers Age of Extinction Deluxe Snarl

The Age of Extinction toyline is finally at the close of its short-lived run, and with a handful of onscreen characters still lacking proper figures (Stinger? Steeljaw? Oreobot?), the final wave of deluxe figures consists of… a repacked Bumblebee, an offscreen Dinobot, and a questionable repaint. Good to see that the last three figures are the necessities, at least. But hey, the fruit-flavored Dinobots more or less came to be the stars of the AOE toyline in the eyes of many collectors, so how does Snarl, one of the final members of the group, stack up?


Dinosaur Mode

If you thought the other Dinobot toys were garish, get a load of this guy. Snarl takes the form of a toxic-green Stegosaurus with a translucent torso and thagomizer (which I just discovered is a word). True to the real-life dino, Snarl has a really big body and a really tiny head, and to his credit, I think this is probably one of the nicer Dinobot altmodes. His front legs are somewhat well-articulated, with ball-jointed shoulders and a basic hinged elbow, but his rear legs only move at the knee. His head can move up and down (and a bit side to side), and his mouth opens.



Snarl’s transformation is probably the most straightforward and simple of the Dinobots behind Strafe. His dino front stretches out into legs, his hind legs become arms, and his head flips out. It’s nothing special, but it works. You have to remove his tail and the large thagomizer plate on his back (which will not stay on mine at all), which combine into his robot mode weapon. It’s a little bit of partsforming, but it doesn’t bother me.


Robot Mode

Fully transformed, Snarl is big. It’s mostly due to all the translucent green lumped around his back, shoulders, and legs, but it gives the impression that this guy is bigger than he actually is, and even then he’s still bigger than Scorn and Slug. The green overload may be a bit too much for some, but I’m kind of in love with this guy’s robot mode. I’m biased towards green, but I think both colors just look gorgeous. The purple in the torso breaks up a lot of it, though I do wish some more dark grey plastic had been used in his upper body. Speaking of which, Snarl’s dino mode head folds into his left leg, and his right leg contains… another dino head, lacking any articulation. Whaaaaaa? Wouldn’t it have been easier to have the head split in two if you really wanted symmetry?


Snarl has some fairly decent articulation: ball-jointed head and hips, universal shoulders, bicep and thigh swivels, single-joint elbows and knees, and a few hinged joints in his feet, but no tilts. He also has wrist swivels, but the swivel cut is vertical (much like Strafe’s), so they pretty much always look bad.


His tail and large pair of spines combine to form a sick-looking axe, or you could keep them separate as a club and a bladed weapon. Everything about Snarl makes him look totally out of place with the other Dinobots; nothing about him looks knightly, he’s covered in toxic-green blades, and his headsculpt even features a very toothy slasher grin. He looks more like a savage berserker.



I really like Snarl, and I think he concludes the Dinobot lineup very well. While I still don’t have the full set (mostly because Slash looks atrocious and I haven’t found him on heavy discount yet), I think Snarl may be my favorite, though Scorn is probably the best toy out of them all. If you just can’t stand the bright colors or the admittedly bad wrists, Snarl probably won’t change your mine once you get him in hand. If you choose to go completist on the Dinobots, Snarl definitely isn’t the worst of the bunch. At the very least, he has a very distinct look and he will stand out on the shelf.

Where to Buy

  • BBTS (Takara vers)
  • Amazon
  • The final wave is just now hitting US retail, particularly at Toys R Us.
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