Review: NECA BioShock Infinite Booker Dewitt

When it comes to NECA video game figures, my general trend is that I see the toy at Toys R Us, think it looks cool, buy the toy, then play the game the toy is from. That’s what I did for Chell and Gordon Freeman, at least. In this case, however, I finally bucked the trend and got a figure from a game I’ve already played. BioShock Infinite is a fantastic game, and one of my top 5 favorites of all time. One of the game’s victories was giving the PC of a first-person shooter a distinct and developed character in the form of Booker Dewitt. I had no idea this toy was even coming out, so it was a pleasant surprise to see him on the pegs. Here’s the review.



Mr. Dewitt looks sharp and rugged in his 1920’s action hero outfit. The sculpt is all-around fantastic, and one of the best I’ve seen out of NECA. Every detail is represented, from his popped collar and ascot to the pinstriping on his vest to the stitching on his shoes. The paintwork is equally impressive, and nothing comes across as too sloppy or lacking as far as his clothes and body go. The “AD” brand on his hand is present and accounted for, a detail that I forgot the character even had. There are also subtle bits of wear and tear all over his outfit, which is a neat touch.


Being the main character of a FPS, Booker’s visage was rarely seen in-game, but he does have an in-game model, as well as a front-and-center appearance on the game’s cover. Both versions look a bit different while retaining the same basic features, and toy!Booker follows suit by looking not quite like either depiction. Regardless, it is a very good-looking headsculpt, and the paintwork isn’t as bad as it could be. The eyes on mine are fairly aligned, though from some angles he looks a bit lazy-eye-ish. Booker’s drunken stubble is probably the weakest link of the face; as I was going through the Bookers on the pegs at TRU, most of them had awful paint layouts on the facial hair. Mine isn’t too bad, but it still looks uneven and not quite right. I don’t understand why stubbles and short beards are so difficult to execute on toys, but hey, at least this one looks better than Star-Lord’s.



I’ve found that NECA’s general policy is “sculpt first, articulation later,” and Booker is no different. He has all the necessary joints, but particularly his ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, and knees are very limited due to the sculpt of his clothes. His double ball-jointed neck is very impressive, as are his universal hips that defy initial appearances by being able to pull off a wide range of motion, also thanks to a helpful ankle tilt. His waist joint is also a ball joint, as are his wrists, though the joints there are a bit loose, and his right hand is particularly eager to pop off. Booker has enough joints to be a functional action figure, but don’t expect to get too many poses out of him.



Booker comes armed with two weapons, not counting the sculpted, nonremovable pistol on his torso: a shotgun and a Sky-Hook. The shotgun is a logical inclusion, as it seems to be Booker’s weapon of choice in most of the promotional art. Sadly, due to the articulation limitations you cannot replicate the box art pose. The shotgun fits happily in his hand, but don’t expect to be pulling off any two-handed poses. The Sky-Hook is arguably the most necessary accessory, as it is the one weapon Booker always has throughout the game. Arming Booker with the Sky-Hook is much easier than I first expected: remove the right hand, peg the fingers into the finger-holes, then stick the arm through the Hook’s sling and re-peg the hand. It’s a smooth process that could’ve been frustrating had the ball joints been too tight. The Sky-Hook’s rear section is also made of a soft plastic, which lets Booker retain wrist movement.



Booker Dewitt is a very strong release for NECA, boasting a near-perfect sculpt, minimal paint issues, and a semi-impressive range of articulation. That said, Booker is still a fairly bare-bones release, being just the figure and two accessories, both of which are necessary to the character. It would’ve been nice to have a couple more alternative weapons from the game, or at least have the pistol be its own separate accessory, but I certainly don’t feel cheated out of anything. That said, he does retail for $21.99 at TRU, so it may be a bit difficult to justify the price given what you get. If you’re a huge fan of BioShock Infinite, this is a great figure of the protagonist and I would highly recommend it. Now he just needs to find Elizabeth…

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