Review: Transformers Generations Crosscut

If you’re not up to speed on your obscure G1 redecoes, Crosscut is going to be unfamiliar to you. He was originally an e-Hobby exclusive retool of G1 Skids, homaging the original Diaclone design. When Skids broke from obscurity in the MTMTE comics and got his own toy in the IDW Generations line, Crosscut was the obvious redeco. As Crosscut also is part of the IDW lineup, he also had to appear in the comics. Instead of giving him a generic personality and a minor toy-advertising appearance in MTMTE, James Roberts decided to make Crosscut interesting: a former Senator who became an Autobot and now writes plays about hitting people in the face with shovels. If that doesn’t sell the toy, I don’t know what does.


Vehicle Mode

Like Skids, Crosscut turns into a somewhat-futuristic-looking hatchback car, but he trades in Skids’s bright blue adn red for a much more nondescript silver-grey. Stock photography made the toy appear to be painted silver, but anyone who actually believed that has not been in the fandom long. Though the dull grey plastic is kind of a bummer, it actually doesn’t look too bad in person. The silver-painted rims do kind of show the contrast, though. Between the two uses of this mold, I actually kind of like Crosscut better in vehicle mode. He rolls well, and you can peg his weapons into the holes on each side of the car, but why would you do that?



Being a current Transformers figure in the Generations line, Crosscut boasts a transformation that is intuitive without being terribly complicated. Everything is fairly straightforward, but he makes great use of his mass (especially with all the weapons crammed in) and nothing is too fiddly or frustrating. This may actually be one of my favorite conversions in recent memory. It’s just so smart and fun, and the end result looks, well…


Robot Mode

As a character, Crosscut could have been your standard run-of-the-mill Autobot generic, but James Roberts gave him some memorable character traits and made him interesting. As a toy, Crosscut could have been nothing but a dull grey-red redeco of Skids with a new head. And he is… except he looks amazing. Most of it is thanks to the gorgeous metallic red paint used sparingly and effectively across his body. If it doesn’t come across over pictures, this paint is brilliantly shiny, almost looking like chrome, except good. This amazing red paint makes up for the grey plastic (even makes it look good), and immediately gives this toy a near-premium appearance. The headsculpt is also impressively sharp, aided by the glorious shiny red and well=painted yellow eyes.


Articulation is fairly good: ball jointed head, shoulders, elbows, hips, and ankles, and swivel waist and knees. Nothing major is missing, though wrist swivels are always appreciated, and I do wish his ankles could tilt a bit more; the general lack of heel support makes him difficult to stand at times. As far as accessories go, Crosscut comes with Skids’s nudge gun and nitrogen gun, this time in a lovely black plastic. Since Crosscut isn’t a member of the Autobot Special Ops Diplomatic Corps with access to Institute tech, the weapons’ combined form suits him the best. Also, Skids is practically a walking arsenal in the comics, and presumably the senator-turned-playwright Crosscut is not, so I tend to leave his shoulder guns flipped out of sight (but not his missile span shoulders, because the more of that glorious red, the better).



Crosscut is easily the sleeper hit of his wave, which is saying a lot since he was packed in with Windblade, Jhiaxus, and Nightbeat. What could have been a boring redeco was made fantastic with a delicious shiny red paint and a lovely and characterful headsculpt. If it weren’t for the great character of Skids in MTMTE, I would say hands-down that I like Crosscut more. As it is, I still think Crosscut looks a lot more impressive than Skids and makes the mold work better. If his dashing looks don’t sway your wallet enough, Crosscut is still a minor crew member of the Lost Light, and I’ll take all of those that I can get. He’s a fantastic redeco of a fun mold, and well worth your time.

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