Review: Dr. Wu DW-M01 Cavalier (Battle Version)

You know what’s cool? Giant robots. You know what else is cool? Swords. You know what would be twice as cool as those two things individually? Giant robots with swords. This is a tried and true law of giant robot fiction that has been around since, well, maybe Mazinger Z, but I’m not so sure about that. Anyway, Transformers surely has not shied away from this law, as evident by the sword-loving psychopathic mutilator that is the Optimus Prime of the live-action films. While his usual modus operandi involved giant blades popping out of his arms Wolverine-style, Age of Extinction saw Optimus take up a new weapon that he found sticking out of the ground on Lockdown’s ship (Lockdown must not care much for giant powerful swords). The sword included in the Leader class Optimus Prime toy was clearly meant to invoke the film’s Sword of Judgement, but didn’t quite match up. Thankfully, trusted third-party sword-maker Dr. Wu is to the rescue with the DW-M01 Cavalier (Battle Version).



This is totally the big sword that Optimus used in the climax of the film to free Grimlock (presumably) and the Dinobots (presumably), beat the tar out of them, threaten their lives, slaughter a bunch of KSI drones, fight Lockdown, get impaled with, then brutally¬†kill Lockdown. The normal version of this sword is painted in steely silver, as that’s how the sword looked most of the time. In the film, the sword seemed to glow orange much like Optimus’s original swords during battle, which is represented here in the Cavalier Battle Version. I think this looks a lot more interesting than the normal version, but it was also a few bucks cheaper on BBTS.


The sword itself is very well-detailed, with some really nice and clean paint apps that really make it pop and match up to its wielder Optimus Prime. Sadly, Optimus Prime can only somewhat wield the sword, but we’ll get to that later. I really like the translucent orange plastic used for the blade. It looks appropriately energon-y (or superheated; it wasn’t really explained).



Here’s where the sword falls short a bit. At first I thought the pommel was non-removable, and the only figures that could wield the sword were ones with articulated hands. I was wrong about that, as I discovered after a bit of strenuous wiggling and pulling and the pommel popped right off. Unfortunately, while it can be used by standard 5mm peg hole hands, the fit is extremely tight, and will almost certainly result in stripping the handle of its silver paint. For that reason, I tend to leave the sword in the hands of figures whose hands can comfortable curl around the hilt.


As for its intended wielder, AOE Leader class Optimus Prime (review here), it can be popped into his hand quite happily, and I can definitely say that it looks pretty darn good… in about two poses. Sadly, the shortcomings of the figure itself prevent the sword from being utilized in really any way that does it justice. This definitely isn’t the Cavalier’s fault, but it still sucks that the figure that you’re buying this thing for can barely pose with the thing.



The Cavalier (Battle Version) retails for about $16, which is $3 less than the normal, silver version. The extra cost seems to be totally arbitrary as the products are identical aside from paint, so I’d recommend the Battle Version if you’re looking to pick one up and save a few bucks. The price may seem like a lot for a plastic sword, but Dr Wu’s products are of consistently good quality and the sword feels like a hefty, solid hunk of plastic. It’s just a shame that there’s not a proper Optimus Prime to wield it.

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  1. Where do you get all of these wonderful toys? Thanks for following my blog!


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