Review: Transformers Generations Jhiaxus

Jhiaxus is one of those characters Simon Furman created for the Marvel UK Transformers comics who managed to avoid fading into obscurity by maintaining a major role in the IDW continuity (and having a random repaint in the RID toyline). In the UK comics, Jhiaxus was the leader of the G2 “evolved” Cybertronians and was a pretty nasty guy. IDW Jhiaxus, on the other hand, was an ancient Cybertronian mad scientist who got sucked into the Dead Universe along with Nova Prime and their buddies, but not before he was able to be a mentor to a young Senator named Shockwave. After a long absence from the story since Furman stopped writing IDW, Jhiaxus returned along with the Dead Universe crew in the Dark Cybertron event, and thus got himself a proper toy in the Generations line.


Jet Mode

Jhiaxus is a retool of Generations Armada Starscream (which represents IDW G1 Starscream) with new wings and cockpit, as well as guns mounted under the wings to replace the former’s swords. He’s a very vibrant orange and grey space jet with giant cannons on top, and I guess he looks okay. Jhiaxus never transformed in IDW, and certainly not in the short timeframe when he had this body, so there’s really nothing to compare it to other than G2 Jhiaxus turning into a jet, as well.



Jhiaxus’s transformation is very simple, as it follows the same basic scheme was the original Armada toy on which the mold is based. The only real difference from Starscream is that the wings naturally fold down rather than up, the leg wings don’t collapse, and the nosecone folds into the chest.


Robot Mode

At a glance, it can actually be pretty hard to tell that Jhiaxus is a retool of Armada Starscream. The new wings, head, and chest go a long way in differentiating the two toys. In the comics, Jhiaxus took this form using his “reactive armor” to copy Starscream’s body, which… was a really poor way of shoving the toy into the story (though oddly enough, Jhiaxus’s reactive armor appearance was lacking the new wing and torso tooling that the toy has). Regardless, the head is spot-on to IDW Jhiaxus, looking appropriately angry/insane. Too bad the paint apps are rather poor. Also, the grey and orange is totally giving me a Pohatu Phantoka vibe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


As far as articulation goes, Jhiaxus has: ball jointed neck and hips, two-swivel shoulders, swivel elbows, biceps, thighs, and knees. It’s nothing particularly impressive, but it works. The ball joint for his neck is incredibly tight, though, and I had to loosen the screw a bit to avoid snapping the neck off. He also comes with the two grey guns that can be removed from his wings and held, and the two cannons can flip up over his shoulders and launch missiles. This was kind of a dumb gimmick on Starscream that was helped by being an homage to his original Null-Ray Cannons, but on Jhiaxus it’s just a dumb gimmick.



I admittedly harbor a bit of resentment for this toy just because I would’ve much rather gotten repaints of this mold as Armada Thundercracker or Skywarp, but I guess the mold works okay for Jhaixus. The in-story justification for the toy is almost comically (haha) flimsy, and the very particular nature of this mold as an Armada throwback makes it difficult to work well as anyone other than Starscream. The only other Jhiaxus toy out there is the RID version, repainted from Beast Machines Deluxe Jetstorm, from which this Jhiaxus got his color scheme from. Between the two, I’d say this one is far superior just for having a proper Jhiaxus head. If you’re looking to complete your toy pack-in Dark Cybertron issues or need a Jhiaxus for your collection, you’ve probably already decided to get this guy. If you don’t really feel like you need the toy, though, I’d say he’s an easy pass.

"As you asked." "I did not ask, Jhiaxus... I commanded."

“As you asked.”
“I did not ask, Jhiaxus… I commanded.”

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