Review: Star Wars Black Series 3.75″ Bastila Shan

After having access to the game for nearly three years, I finally played and completed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and yeah. In case you didn’t know, it’s a good game. Obviously, the first thing I thought of after (and during) playing the game was: “I need toys of these characters.” So I hop on eBay and search for Darth Revan, and… well, the Hasbro Darth Revan figure has a habit of being extremely expensive everywhere. Since I don’t intend to drop an upwards of $50 on a 3.75″ Hasbro Star Wars toy, I’ll have to let that dream slide for now. Instead, I’ll have to settle for the 3.75″ incarnation of Revan’s lovely lady Jedi companion, Bastila Shan.



Bastila is very accurate to her in-game model in everything except her face, which I’ll go into later. Her custom Jedi robe-dress-suit-thing is recreated in all its detailed brown and tan glory, but the the brown paint on her torso is a bit sloppy and too thin, as you can see some of the yellowish-tan bleeding through. Other than that, everything looks just about right until you get to her head. I know headsculpts are hard to nail down at this scale, but this face looks nothing like her in-game model, any artwork, or even her voice actor Jennifer Hale. Bastila should have a more angular, defined face, but the toy is round and lacking of any detail. What really doesn’t help is the paint error on mine that makes her look like she’s missing a chunk of hair off the side of her head. Speaking of the hair, it’s oddly square and doesn’t quite resemble Bastila’s hair in the game. I can understand the head not being perfect, but it should at least resemble the character. On the other hand, and I tried not to notice it, but it seems the designers were sure to give her a very well-defined butt. Okay.



As I mentioned in my Darth Plagueis review, 3.75″ Star Wars figures tend to stick to the same basic articulation formula, and Bastila is no different: ball-jointed neck, ball-hinged shoulders, elbows, knees, and ankles, swivel waist and wrists, and basic swivel hips. The T-crotch is much more bothersome on Bastila than Plagueis, as Bastila should be able to pull off some more acrobatic Jedi fighting poses, and this toy limits that ability. Her feet are also irritatingly small, making it difficult for her to stand. Hinged wrists would have also come in handy for her lightsaber, but oh, well.



Speaking of a lightsaber, Bastila has one! It’s double-bladed and yellow, and it looks pretty much right. She can hold it fairly well in either hand, but it does look a bit odd in her right hand, which seems to be sculpted in a “using the Force” pose. Holding it two-handed is a bit troublesome, but it can be done, albeit a bit awkwardly. Her other accessory is the same lightsaber, but deactivated. It can peg onto her belt for storage, which works totally fine. I’ve always felt like clipping such a big, heavy lightsaber hilt like that to your belt would just be inconvenient and uncomfortable to walk around with. Why not mount it like a sword on your hip, or even on your back? Both of those seem more convenient, but I digress.



Bastila was a pretty major character in KOTOR, but I honestly was never really into her character. She actually had a pretty well-written character story, but I somehow missed it while playing. Even the romance with the PC felt a little awkward, but that could just be a symptom of KOTOR being a 2003 RPG. Regardless, Bastila is still a major character and I’m glad she was able to get rereleased as part of the Black Series (and much easier to find) after her Vintage Collection release was cut short. She’s also one of the last EU characters that Hasbro was able to squeeze out before Disney’s clampdown, at least until BioWare announces Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 15th Anniversary Edition: We’re Still Canon set for 2018. Regardless, if you’re a fan of KOTOR and don’t want to shell out a small fortune for Revan and Malak, Bastila is a somewhat satisfying substitute.

Where to Buy

  • Amazon
  • I’ve seen several at local Toys ‘R’ Us locations.

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