Review: Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Tyrion Lannister (Exclusive)

Following up on my Agent Venom review, I returned to another Walgreen’s location during one of my trips home to check up on their selection of the Drugstore Threesome. Where the first store I investigated had nothing but a full endcap of Agent Venoms, this location had a full endcap of Funko Game of Thrones Legacy Collection figures, half of them being the subject of this review, and on sale for $14, at that. While Prototype Boba Fett seems to be continuously elusive, I figured I’d pick up everyone’s favorite whoremongering smartass dwarf, Tyrion Lannister, clad in his outfit as Hand of the King.



To preface, Tyrion already has a Legacy Collection figure, modeled after his appearance in the Battle of Blackwater (or maybe the Riverlands battle from “Baelor,” I’m not sure). It looks like a fairly decent figure as far as the line goes, but when I think of Tyrion, I don’t think of him clad in armor about to go cut down some fools with an axe. I think of him as just the guy who walks around King’s Landing and verbally assaults everyone, as he has in the most recent seasons. Thankfully, this toy is modeled after his season 2 stint as Hand of the King, which is more fitting to Tyrion’s traditional appearance. Putting aside the headsculpt (as per usual), the sculpt and paintwork on this toy is very impressive. The ornate gold details are clean and sharp, and the folds on his shirt in particular are done incredibly well. The excellent sculpt and paintwork on the Hound clearly wasn’t a one-off for this line, because the clothes on this figure look fantastic. The rings on his fingers are even clearly sculpted and well-painted! The skirts of his pants do flare out a bit, but IIRC that may be a bit accurate to how Tyrion’s clothes tend to look.


As for the head sculpt, it’s… decent. It’s better than Sandor’s, that’s for sure, but it’s not quite Dinklage enough. It’s recognizable as him if you know who the toy’s supposed to be, but admittedly the likeness is a bit weak. Despite that, it’s probably the strongest likeness I’ve seen in the line so far, which kind of says a lot about Funko’s head sculpts. It’s passable, though. Unfortunately, while the paint on the body seems to be consistently good, finding one of these Tyrions with halfway-decent paint apps on the face can be a chore. Out of the five at my store, this was the only one who didn’t have random dashes of paint on the face or derped-out eyes.



With Tyrion obviously being much smaller of a figure with much shorter limbs, you might think that Funko would skimp on the articulation. Well, think again, because Tyrion is packed with an impressive amount of joints. His head is balljointed, his arms are on universal swivels, his elbows are single-jointed with a somewhat limited bend, his wrists can rotate and swivel inwards, his waist is balljointed, his hips are balljointed, his thighs swivel, his knees are double-jointed, he has an additional swivel at the cut of his boots, and his ankles are on universal swivels. Despite all this articulation, it still is rather limited due to his size and the nature of the figure, but really, what kind of dynamic action poses would Tyrion really be doing?



Sadly, Tyrion only comes with one accessory, which is a dagger that can be stored in the sheath at his hip. I honestly can’t remember if this is a weapon Tyrion ever used in any meaningful way, but it works. Though I can’t think of too many accessories that would be necessary for Tyrion, the lack of extras combined with the smaller figure does bring the pricepoint into question, as he does cost the same as the Hound with his massive stance, two swords, and a helmet. Maybe he could’ve come with a crossbow, even though at this point he’s two seasons and two demotions away from using it. Other than maybe a goblet of wine, I can’t think of anything. So I guess I can’t really criticize the toy for that. Mneh.



The Game of Thones Legacy Collection seems to be a very up-and-down toyline. Despite its relatively affordable price, impressive articulation, and great body sculpt and paint apps, it’s still plagued with rather unflattering headsculpts and major QC issues. Tyrion’s one of the most popular characters from Game of Thrones thanks to Peter Dinklage fantastic performance, so if there’s one toy from the line that will sell, it’s him. If you like Tyrion and aren’t satisfied with the armored-up mass retail version, try peeking in a Walgreen’s or two and see if you can snag him on sale like I did. Even if you have to pay $20, this Tyrion may very well be one of the best-executed figures in the line. Just be sure you can find one with a decent-looking face.

Now that I’m 2/3 on the Drugstore Threesome, I better get to searching for Albino Fett. I just hope I don’t have to punch a Star Wars collector in the face to get to it…

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