Review: Marvel Legends Agent Venom

What’s with Walgreen’s getting so many exclusives lately? I remember a while back picking up the Halo 4 CIO Spartan because I thought it was cool, then finding out it was exclusive. Exclusive Halo toys didn’t seem like much of a big deal, but now Walgreen’s is boasting some very sought-after toys, with the Star Wars Black Series 6″ Prototype Boba Fett, Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Tyrion (Hand of the King ver.), and Marvel Legends Agent Venom. After hitting up a few local stores, I was able to find only the latter, who seems to be the most common at an impressive 8 per case. Is he a figure worth hitting up your local drugstores in search of?



Forgive me, but I must confess that I don’t know much about Agent Venom other than that he’s Flash Thompson, not Eddie Brock, and apparently he’s also a full-on good guy. I can’t comment on the character or the story, but I do very much like the design. It’s very obviously Venom, being all-black with a big white spider symbol dominating the muscular body, but with a lot of militaristic, yet still organic-looking armor added on. I particularly like the texture on the shoulder pads, gauntlets, kneepads, and shinguards. It reminds be very much of a crab shell, but in the best possible way relating to an alien-formed soldier-themed costume. The multitude of pouches and sculpted, non-removable weaponry on his belt is a very nice touch, as well. I have heard reports that samples of this figure with well-applied paint can be hard to come by, and even when I found a full set of 8 of this guy at my Walgreen’s. this was the only one with mostly symmetrical paint around his eyes. Definitely try to find this guy in stores if you can so you can check out the paint apps.



Agent Venom has your average range of Marvel Legends articulation, with a ball-hinged neck, universal shoulders, arm rotation, double-jointed elbows, hand/glove rotation, ab crunch, awkard universal hip joints, thigh swivels, double-jointed knees, and universal jointed ankles. The ab crunch is hindered a bit by the large rubber “muscle layer” that covers the body itself, but the plastic is soft enough for the joint to still be utilized (the same with the large shoulder pads that do not hinder arm movement at all). I am a bit bummed at the lack of proper wrist joints, but that’s not nearly as bad as the hand sculpts themselves, as I’ll go into later. Overall, he’s very nicely articulated, and despite having the same awkward hip joints, he’s quite easy to pose.



Agent Venom comes packed with a rather impressive accessory count, one that is dominated by weaponry. He comes armed with two silver pistols, one larger, black pistol with an undermounted laser sight, and a silver submachine gun. The first three guns can be held in his hands somewhat decently, but the SMG can be difficult to cram in, mostly because the hands are sculpted extremely odd. His fingers are splayed out unevenly, as if he’s constantly in agonizing pain and his fingers are always spasming. It makes it rather awkward for Venom to hold his guns. The last accessory comes in the form of a large mass of four very symbiote-y tentacles that can peg (very loosely) into Agent Venom’s back. Two of the four tentacles are specifically sculpted to hold two of the figure’s guns, and the other two can be fudged into holding the remaining pair, as well. It’s a super cool addition to the toy, but I feel like it could have been done better. I wouldn’t have minded some metal wires inside the tentacles so that they can be posed, but that may be too expensive for the pricepoint.



Agent Venom is a strong entry into the Marvel Legends line, despite his very odd circumstances of release. From what I’ve heard about the character and his stories, Agent Venom is actually a pretty cool and interesting character, and owning this toy has already made me want to check out the comics despite having no concept whatsoever of the Marvel comics continuity. Apparently he’s in the current Guardians of the Galaxy roster? Weird. But that does give me a group to display him with. Anyway, this guy is very much worth hitting up a few Walgreen’s stores to find. Supposedly he’s the easiest to find of the drugstore trio, so hopefully you won’t have to be checking back rooms or camping at the doors. Definitely pick him up if you get the chance.

"So... why wasn't I in the movie?" "Sony." "Right."

“So… why wasn’t I in the movie?”

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  1. Z says:

    Don’t worry, man. He only joined for Bendis Guardians of the Galaxy. And as we all know, Bendis Guardians don’t count.


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