Review: Star Wars Black Series 6″ Boba Fett

It’s not hard to say that Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in all of Star Wars. What is significantly more difficult is explaining why. He was the only of the bounty hunter lineup in Empire Strikes Back to be significant, and even then all he did was stand beside Darth Vader and say a couple of bounty hunter-y things. Then comes Jedi, and Fett does some more standing around (you could make a brief drinking game out of the “Boba Fett reacts to something” shots scattered throughout the Jabba’s Palace scene) before a blind Han Solo accidentally hits his jetpack and sends him flying into the sarlacc. It’s not a very impressive track record. It seems to me that the only reason Fett is so endearing is his overall character design, which… well, is obviously pretty damn cool. And as a character whose popularity rests solely on his appearance, more or less any merchandise of Fett is instantly desirable. Especially when the merchandise is an action figure in Hasbro’s collector-oriented 6″ Black Series toyline. Easily the most desirable and hard-to-find figure in the line, I was able to snag Boba Fett as part of a case shipment and have him here to review.



Yep, this looks like Boba Fett. Specifically, Boba Fett as he appeared in Return of the Jedi, which can be identified by the grey color of his shirt and pants as opposed to greyish-blue in Empire (and even I feel disturbed by how fanboy nerdy I feel just by knowing that). Some details look a bit off, like the cloth shoulder-cape-thing looks a little too long, and there seems to be too much silver scuffing around the right “eye” of his helmet, but overall the sculpt and paintwork are fairly top-notch. Unfortunately, I did come across a rather glaring paint error in that a huge glob of silver paint had found its way onto his visor. I cleaned it up with a black pen, but that’s still a pretty bad QC error.



Fett looks the part, but sadly his articulation is very much a mixed bag. His head is balljointed and works just as well as you’d expect. His shoulders are your standard universal hinge, but his yellow shoulder pads severely restrict outward movement. Bummer. His elbows are standard single-joint bends that can juuuuust pull of a 90 degree bend (but only just). He has a simple waist rotation, but moving down is where the toy’s biggest problem becomes apparent: he cannot move his hips at all. The best Boba can do is assume a slightly wider stance (supported by ball-hinged ankle tilts), but due to the large, hard plastic pouches on his waist, he can barely move his legs forward, rendering the rather nice double-jointed knees essentially useless. He also has a thigh rotation, but it’s so ridiculously tight on mine that it’s just a pain to use. I don’t see why those pouches couldn’t have at least been made of a softer material, or at least able to move out of the way. There are next to no real action poses you can put Boba in because of this.



Boba comes with his standard fare: his trademark large rifle, the iconic brown pistol that he never uses, and the jetpack that can be disabled with by hitting it. The rifle is a bit bendy and easily malformed, but can be just as easily straightened. Both weapons fit into Boba’s hands efficiently, though I honestly think he looks better with the pistol, mostly because his limited arm articulation make it difficult for him to look good holding the rifle two-handed. The jetpack (which is green rather than blue-yellow, but I’m not sure what significance that holds) pegs onto his back securely, and that’s about all it does and all it needs to do.



Boba Fett is the must-have character of any Star Wars toyline, and as such is one of the most iconic characters of the Original Trilogy. It only makes sense that he would be at least one of the best toys of the line thus far… but he isn’t. Sure, the toy does a great job of looking like Boba Fett, but rather fails at being much of a toy thanks to his majorly-limited articulation. The stormtrooper and clone trooper in the same wave have fairly excellent articulation, so why was it so hard to engineer Boba’s joints? It’s just a bit disappointing, especially for how hyped this figure is due to demand. People are shelling out $40+ for this guy, and I have to say that he’s really not worth it unless you are just a hardcore Boba Fett collector. $30 would be an okay price if you just want a really good looking 6-inch Fett. If you’re looking for a high-end posable action figure, Black Series Boba isn’t going to do it for you. But if you can try to find him for $25 at the most and keep in mind his limitations, go ahead and pick him up. He’s easily Hasbro’s best go at Boba yet.

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