Review: Marvel Legends Infinite Series Star-Lord

Just right off the bat, Guardians of the Galaxy was an amazing movie and you should get up right now and go see it. I don’t care if you’ve already seen it, see it again. It’s brilliant. I loved it so much that I ran to every Walmart, Target, and TRU in town in the hopes of finding all of the Marvel Legends Guardians wave… and I only found two (and that dumb Iron Man). But one of them happened to be the leading man of the group: Peter Jason Quill, who people call [sic] Star-Lord.



This 6-inch Star-Lord is based on his appearance at the beginning of the film (and apparently his current comic appearance), and thus Quill comes adorned in his asymmetrical red longcoat. I’m glad they used this look as opposed to the short red jacket he wore for the remainder of the film, as I think it looks a lot cooler. The sculpting here is pretty great all around. His clothes have a ton of detail and texture that is really pretty to look at. Even the paint apps are fairly crisp! I honestly have no problem with how this figure looks, though maybe the mask is a bit too black rather than the shiny gunmetal seen in the movie. His purse knapsack is a separate piece from his main body, and tends to not want to hang naturally on his shoulder, which can be irritating during posing.

Among his many accessories (which I will discuss below) is an extra head to represent an unmasked Peter Quill, and… it works, I guess. It’s really very much not Chris Pratt, and even the facial hair is completely wrong, but for a headsculpt just representing Peter Quill, it does the job all right. The hair sculpting and paint is impressive, but the eye and beard paint apps are sorely lacking. The eyes are set a bit low, which is admittedly probably just a printing error and it will look better on other copies. The beard is just bad, being solid tan paint with no detail or texture. As far as 6-in. headsculpts go, though, I’ve seen worse.



Star-Lord’s articulation seems to be par-for-the-course of modern Marvel Legends, with a ball-jointed neck mounted on a vertical hinge, universal shoulder and hip joints, double-jointed elbows and knees, swivel cuts in the biceps, waist, and thighs, rotating wrists with inward joints, ball-hinged ankles, and a rather limited ab crunch. His leg articulation is somewhat hindered by the longcoat, but it is flexible enough to get out of the way. His arms suffer from the kind of “gummy” joints that seems to plague Marvel figures, but it’s not as noticeable as on other figures. His joints are also nice and tight, something that I’ve been afraid of from Marvel Legends since my floppy Winter Soldier wave Captain America.



Star-Lord comes packed with a very impressive amount of extra stuff. Firstly, he comes with his twin Element Guns/Quadblasters that are sculpted and painted very well, but his manner of holding them is a bit strange. His fingers are all sculpted individually, which results in what feels a rather loose grip, but the guns stay in his hands very well… until you nudge them in any way and they fall out. I feel like it would have been easier to have the three bottom fingers merged and the trigger finger separate as is usual for gun-wielding figures, but I guess this works. He also comes with an easily-swappable unmasked head, which I discussed above. Moving onto some more unexpected accessories, we get the small, detailed silver orb that Star-Lord retrieves from the planet Morag that serves as the film’s MacGuffin. It doesn’t open or do anything at all except look neat, but sadly Star-Lord’s awkward hands cannot hold it, so it’s up to you to find a place for it.



The final two accessories come in the form of Peter’s Walkman and headphones, which provide the film with its fantastic soundtrack and even serve as a minor plot point. The headphones aren’t entirely accurate to the film, but they don’t need to be. They do, however, fit nicely on the unmasked headsculpt and manage to look fairly natural, if a bit big. The Walkman itself is nice and yellow, though it has next-to-no detail due to its size. This can be held by Peter very well, but I do wish it could have been attached to his belt somehow. He also comes with Groot’s left arm.



If you’re going to be interested in the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends, you’re probably going to be going all in for the sake of Groot. However, if you just feel like you want one toy to represent the film and not bother with hunting down the elusive Rocket and Nova figures, go with Star-Lord. He is a very well-done toy with a pretty impressive and characterful accessory count. I’d say he’s worth it at the full price of $20, but you can find him rather easily for less as he and that dumb Iron Man are 2 per case and thus very easy to find.

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