Review: Game of Thrones Legacy Collection “The Hound”

After taking a month-long break because life happens, I think this place is due for another review. Since I dedicated a week to Transformers, I feel it’s only right to let toys from other media take the spotlight. Today, that spotlight falls on Game of Thrones, everyone’s favorite fantasy porno that after four seasons has finally received some decent collectors’ toys in the form of Funko’s Legacy Collection. For now, we’ll look at the plastic rendition of Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.



Putting the facial likeness aside, I was incredibly impressed at the level of detail put into these figures. The sculpt and paintwork is absolutely fantastic, particularly on his arms, where the metal looks suitably weathered and beat up with molded dents and scuffs. The individual studs and buckles on Sandor’s belts and straps are also picked out in silver and look great. If nothing else, this figure deserves the premium title just for the excellent paintwork on the body.

Getting a toy’s headsculpt to resemble the real-life person it’s, well, resembling has always been a tricky feat to accomplish, and with The Hound, it’s… passable. The biggest issue is that his face looks too clean. Sandor always looks dirty, has a scraggly beard and even more scraggly hair, and has that big burn on the side of his head. The toy, on the other hand, has a clean face, solid, laid-down slick hair, and the burn is hardly noticeable. The beard is fairly well-done, and the lines by his nose provide the best indicators of Rory McCann, but that’s about it. I can forgive the slicked-down hair, but what’s up with the burn? It’s supposed to cover the majority of the right side of his face and right eye, but here it just looks like an embarrassing rash, if you can see it at all. He even has his eyebrow, which should not be there. I really can’t see why this was neglected, being his personal physical feature. It’s not a huge issue, but if the burn was more prominent it would at least distract from the sub-par face sculpt. Boo, Funko.



What surprised me even more than the paintwork was the articulation. I was expecting average NECA-level of posability, but the toy exceeded my expectations yet again. His head is on a very expressive ball joint, his pin-disc shoulders have a very good range thanks to the soft plastic shoulderpads, his elbows can bend a solid 90, and his wrists swivel. His hips are balljointed and thus have a universal range (as well as a thigh swivel), he has double-jointed knees, and he has proper ankle tilts. The only real bummer is the lack of any sort of ab crunch, with only a basic rotation at the waist. Even without it, that’s an impressive amount of articulation for the sort of figure I was expecting.



The Hound comes armed with two very long swords, each a different sculpt and individual scabbards on his hip and back. At first I was confused at him having two swords, but apparently this toy is modeled after his Season 1 appearance (which explains the helmet), when he did carry two swords, as opposed to more recently when he only has one. The two swords are welcome and make him look all the more badass, but the two long scabbards can get in the way when handling the toy, especially when the connections to his body are rather tenuous. Almost immediately out of box, the hip scabbard fell right off of his side. I had to glue it back on, and it still feels very fragile. (Note: It actually fell off again when I picked him up to take pictures. I’m not even bothering this time.)  Also, both sheaths were very poorly glued together at their halves and tended to split down the middle. I don’t understand why Funko made them permanently attached and not removable via pegs. The swords themselves are made from a rigid (potentially fragile) plastic and look fantastic, though you’ll have to take a knife and cut his thumb from his fingers if you want any hope of getting them in his hands safely. Once they’re in, though, they stay in firmly and look like some serious weaponry.


Sandor’s last accessory is his helmet, suitably shaped like a snarling hound. Like most toy helmets, it’s made of a soft, rubbery plastic (but retains the excellent paint apps and sculpt of the rest of the figure, and is even hinged for biting action). Unlike most toy helmets, it actually looks pretty darn good when worn upon Sandor’s head. This the reason for his flattened hair and thinned-out face, and while it’s an impressive accomplishment, I really don’t think that it’s quite worth sacrificing the headsculpt. Sandor only wore the helmet once or twice in the show (that I can remember), and while it’s iconic for his character in-universe, I feel he’s known more for his facial scarring in the show. Regardless, it’s still a well-done helmet.



The Hound is one of may favorite characters in the show, so I wasn’t going to turn down a good quality toy of him, but I still feel a bit lukewarm on the figure. I think the majority of my issues stem from the fact that this is based on Clegane from Season 1, not the Seasons 3-4 Clegane that I most enjoy. If the figure only had one sword (or removable scabbards) and a better headsculpt, I think I would like it a bit better. Still, this is a fine figure, and for $20 isn’t a bad deal, but if you can pick up one for $15, I’d say he’s well worth it. Just be sure and watch out for QC issues; apparently more recent shipments have been better quality checked, but I’m not sure whether or not mine was among them. These are collectors’ toys, so do handle them with care, because some parts (like those swords) look very easily breakable.

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