Review: Transformers AOE Voyager Galvatron

Back in 2009 when Megatron was revived in a new, improved body for Revenge of the Fallen, many fans were wondering why he didn’t go with the traditional Megatron-comes-back-to-life-with-a-new-body plot and rename himself Galvatron. The reason given was that the filmmakers were concerned that a rename would be confusing to viewers, and considering how hard it already is to keep track of characters, that was a good choice. So, with Megatron totally, completely, for sure dead as a doornail as of Dark of the Moon, it’s now safe to introduce a new character who may or may not be somehow ambiguously related to Megatron but very clearly isn’t. Ladies and gentlemen, Galvatron.


Vehicle Mode

Galvatron has graduated from purple and grey space cannon to grey and grey semi truck. Feels more like a demotion, honestly, but if he has to be a truck with bland colors, it might as well be this one. The Freightliner Argosy is a suitably big and beefy semi, and works well as an evil-looking counterpart to Optimus Prime. While the grey is bland, the plastic used for the cab has a very nice metallic sheen to it, and I wish the rest of the figure was cast in this color. As a truck, he works quite well, being able to roll and whatnot. He’s quite big, too; much bigger than Evasion Mode Optimus’s vehicle mode. The big chunk of plastic that fires a missile can be mounted on the 5mm hole on top of the cab, but why would you do that?



If you couldn’t figure it out by now, Galvatron is a total shellformer. His arms and head fold out of the cab, his legs turn around, his feet flip out, and the truck cab collapses. There’s… really not much else to say.


Robot Mode

We first saw Galvatron in the Super Bowl teaser trailer where he seemed to take great joy in slicing a car in half (maybe he and Sideswipe should hang out). At the time, his design was so dull and unspectacular that he was generally agreed to be some sort of generic Cybertronian protoform or even just a generic human-built Transformer. Well, the latter is more or less correct, but despite his ungodly boring design, this guy is Galvatron. Admittedly, the toy has warmed me to the design, mostly because I like the “obvious prototype” look he has with all the blue cables and detail running down his body. In truth, this toy has a lot of detail… that is completely unpainted and cast in a terribly drab grey plastic. It’s worst on his head, where you can’t even make out his face detail. The bits of color are appreciated, but more would have gone a long way. His Gipsy Danger-esque arc reactor chest hole thing could have used some more vibrant orange or yellow, instead of the little bit of gold on the inside. Colors aside, Galvatron looks pretty okay as an evil robot man, provided you ignore the giant wall of flattened truck on his back. Credit where it’s due, the truck cab does at least condense rather nicely, though it is a bit wide. However, thanks to Peaugh, we now know of an alternate conversion that puts that kibble to good use, transforming Galvatron into NEMESIS HUFFER.


Articulation is about as lacking as, well, everything else on this toy. His head is on a ball joint that is mostly unrestricted, his shoulders are on universal joints and his shoulder pads are on hinges so they don’t get in the way, and his elbows are hinged and double jointed, which is nice. The good stops there, as his has absolutely nothing in the way of wrist or waist articulation. His hips are cut at an odd angle, which combined with the chunky sculpt makes for some not-so-universal joints. His knees (which are way too high up the leg to be useful) only bend slightly due to the truck kibble on his calves. At least his angles can tilt a bit. The big chunk of plastic that shoots a missile can be held in his hand by either 5mm peg, but the one furthest back envelopes his hand and makes it look like his arm exploded into a bunch of cables and random metal that can shoot a missile. I actually think this effect is pretty neat, and it does somewhat excuse the lack of wrist swivels. While his arms are good, you’re going to have a hard time getting too many exciting poses out of this guy. My favorite is: “ready to party.”



At this point, we don’t know a whole lot about Galvatron other than that he is a human-made, human-piloted drone and he might be made from Megatron’s parts. Will he become sentient? Will he regain Megatron’s memories and become Decepticon leader? Or will he just be a drone? Who knows? All I know is that his toy kind of sucks. It’s not a piece of garbage, but it is very disappointing. I understand that being s shellformer was necessary due to the impossible movie design, but could he have at least gotten some better articulation? And the colors, man. Sadly, even the Takara release is devoid of good colors, with the only notable difference being some dark grey paint on the face. Sorry, Galvatron, you just can’t catch a break. Pick this guy up on sale if you have to, because $25 is far too steep for this toy.

Where to Buy

  • Retail: Target, TRU (at time of writing)
  • Amazon

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