Review: Transformers AOE Deluxe Crosshairs

When the first trailer for Age of Extinction popped up at the 2014 Super Bowl, one part that people noticed the most, other than the giant robot T-rex, was the very green robot, armed with twin silenced TEC-9s and clad in goggles and a trenchcoat, parachuting into battle with guns blazing. It’s was very striking first impression, to say the least. Does Crosshairs’s deluxe toy follow up on his impressive first appearance? Not entirely.



Vehicle Mode

Crosshairs turns into a rather oddly bulky and bulbous Chevrolet Corvette. Despite the strange shape of the toy compared to the real-life vehicle, he still manages to look fairly nice. The strange broken spike design looks great… but it’s only painted on one side, while the other is bare green. I’d say they ran out of paint budget, but even the Takara version has one side unpainted. Did they only have one image to go off of and assumed the design was asymmetrical like that? Speaking of paint, Crosshairs has the same issue as his wavemate Bumblebee in that in order to have clear windows, large amounts of paint had to be used to cover the clear plastic. I still think money could have been saved and the finished toy would look much better if they had just gone with green plastic and painted the windows silver or black. I’m sure a handful of fans would’ve raged, but why? All you’re seeing through those windows are robot parts.



Crosshairs’s transformation can be a bit tricky, as parts tend to clash around the back of the car. The rubber parts of his trenchcoat get in the way a bit, and can be very difficult to cram into place when converting back to vehicle mode, as they have no clear place to go other than “in the car.” Once you figure out how to get everything out of the way in the shoulder area, it’s a fairly simple, if shellformer-y, transformation.


Robot Mode

The most striking element of Crosshairs’s design is his unique trenchcoat, which in the movie seems to actually be the “shell” of the car, just as it is here. That’s right, he’s a movie-accurate shellformer. The curves of the vehicle mode actually do a pretty good job of making the coat pieces look like flowing fabric, but I’m very conflicted on the use of the soft-rubbery plastic that connects to his chest. The tabs feel fragile, and you have to kind of cram them into the slots to make them fit. It doesn’t really look good, but I suppose it’s the best that could have been done. The torso has a lot of great detail that could’ve used some more paintwork, while the face has all its detail washed out because it’s covered in too much silver paint. His cheeks should have been kept green, and the rest of the paint could’ve gone into giving his goggles the old tyme 3D glasses look.


Articulation is standard, but the design hinders his arms greatly. His neck is balljointed, though turning motion is limited by his collar. He has a ball joint deep in his torso that connects to his hinged shoulders via a long peg that is functional, but does not look good at all. He actually has double-jointed elbows thanks to transformation, and his biceps and wrists can swivel, though the latter is restricted by the big panel of car hanging off his arms. He has no waist (boo), but has universal hips and a swivel just above the knee, which has a pretty decent bend. His ankles have a rather odd joint that allows the kibble with the wheels to move outward from his calf. I’m not sure what function this serves, as it isn’t used for transformation, and the ankle movement is not affected whatsoever. Mysteries of life, I suppose.

For accessories, Crosshairs only comes with one of his silenced TEC-9 guns (hiss), but has two smaller weaponry that look like small pistols at a glance and can be used that way, but fans with keen eyes have identified these as your classic stick grenades; they have what appears to be a digital timer sculpted on the sides. Regardless of whether or not he uses these in the film, they’re a nice touch. I’d rather have his other TEC-9, but there are ways to obtain a second without buying another toy.



Crosshairs is my favorite new design for Age of Extinction (rivaled by Lockdown), but his toy is sadly the bottom of the Wave 1 barrel. He’s not terrible by any means, but he’s really not great. His robot mode is hindered by a lack of paint and questionable execution of his trademark trenchcoat, as well as some seriously hampered arms. If you can look past the toy’s flaws and are a big fan of the character design, I’d say give him a shot. Put him in your purchasing crosshairs do ho ho ho ho.


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