Review: Transformers AOE Deluxe Slug

If you had to nail down a core trio of the Dinobots, it’s generally Grimlock, Swoop, and Slag. (Snarl and Sludge tend to get forgotten, particularly since the latter’s dino mode is now nonexistant.) The problem with Slag is that his name, while a real term meaning “stony waste matter separated from metals during the smelting of ore” and your go-to Transformers swear word, also means “slut” in certain parts of the world, so it’s not a name Hasbro can comfortably use. So, when the triceratops Dinobot showed up in Animated, he was given the name “Snarl,” which worked fine because the real Snarl was nowhere to be found. For Age of Extinction, Hasbro decided to give Slag a new name by, well, switching a vowel, and now we have Dinobot Slug.


Dinosaur Mode

Like all the Age of Extinction Dinobots, Slug has some design elements to make him not quite an accurate robot triceratops. Aside from looking like he’s made of knives, Slug’s dino mode has an extra set of horns on his lower jaw. It’s not as obvious as Strafe’s two heads or as controversial as Grimlock’s horns, and it gives him a very vicious look. Oh, and he’s also extremely purple, which some people seem to be upset about. His legs are articulated, but it’s more or less useless. You can stand him on his hind legs, if you want, but there really aren’t many other poses you can pull off. But really, how many poses do you need a triceratops to do? Also, he’s surprisingly small in this mode.



Slug’s transformation is fairly straightforward at first when you start with the hind legs, which simply unfold into proper robot legs. The front half is where things get interesting, with his arms actually forming from the gut of the beast mode, and the head splits in two to form shoulders and reveal the actual robot mode. It’s a pretty cool transformation and shares the same intuitiveness that makes Scorn’s conversion interesting. I have had two issues, however: the dino mode front legs had issues pegging into the sides of the robot mode torso, and I had to shave some plastic to get them to fit properly. Also, when transforming to dino mode, it can be very tricky to align the pegs on his hips with slots on the back/tail flap that locks the rear legs in place. It takes some fiddling and lots of adjustment to align everything properly the first few times. His swords can also technically store in this mode, but they look real dumb.


Robot Mode

In robot mode, Slug is a big, burly, heavily armored purple knight. His head is designed to resemble a proper frog-mouth Stechhelm, a helm often used for jousting, which is fitting for a ‘bot whose alternate mode’s method of attack is to ram things with forward-facing horns. He’s quite the bulky paladin, with some Popeye arms and huge decorative shoulderpads. The little splashes of red go a long way to make the color scheme not look dull, and contrast with the purple very well. His two swords (as well as his dino mode horns and jaw) are made of the soft, rubbery plastic, but they’re stiff enough to not warp. He holds them just fine and they look pretty brutal, but I do think it would’ve been neat for him to have an actual lance-like weapon.


Despite his armored bulk, Slug has a good range of articulation. Aside from the standard balljointed neck, his arms have balljointed shoulders that are surprisingly unhindered by the shoulder armor, bicep swivels, and elbow swivels with a decent bend. He has a waist joint, though the tail/rear skirt armor clashes with the abdominal forelegs if you twist it too far. His hips are balljointed and the thighs swivel, and his knees are double-jointed thanks to the transformation. His feet/toes can move up and down, which does help with posing quite a bit, as his feet have a wide area that balances the figure well. He could’ve used wrist swivels to help with sword posing, but as-is, I think he’s posable enough.



If Scorn is the winner of wave 1, Slug is a close second. He’s got a unique look and is very solid in both modes, though his triceratops mode is a bit on the small side. He carries the knight theme very well, perhaps even better than Scorn due to his striking helmet. I also love the triceratops/jousting knight connection. Whoever thought of that is a clever one and I tip my hat to you. If you think Dinobots and knights are cool and/or you like the color purple, go out and buy a Slug.

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