Review: Transformers AOE Deluxe Scorn

After the initial surprise of the Dinobots being heavily featured in Transformers 4, the next reveal that surprised and confused fans were exactly who said Dinobots were. Grimlock as a T. rex was no surprise, and “Slug” (formerly Slag) as a triceratops was also to be expected, but instead of Swoop the pteranodon, we get Strafe the tw0-headed pteranodon, and a new, original Dinobot with a spinosaurus altmode and the badass name Scorn.


Dinosaur Mode

Scorn is a spinosaurus, otherwise known as “that dinosaur that killed the T. rex in Jurassic Park III.” While he’s not quite bigger than Voyager Grimlock, Scorn has an impressive size in his dino mode, largely due to his very large rubbery tail. His head has a very nice amount of articulation thanks to it being his right arm in robot mode, though there isn’t too much you can do with his legs despite the amount of joints. He looks like a pretty vicious dino, and very much befits the name of “Scorn.” Also, Scorn’s movie CGI model includes two “sails” on his back, while the toy only has one. Either it was a late design change, or someone on the Hasbro design team really wanted an accurate red robot spinosaurus.



Scorn’s transformation is about what you’d expect, and is very Beast Wars Megatron-esque. However, there are some steps to the transformation that make it a lot more involved and intuitive than it appears, such as the panels on his legs spreading out to bulk up his shins, and the neat automorph to adjust his torso for robot mode. The red crotch piece has issues laying flat on his waist on my copy of the toy, and it seems like a plastic tolerance issue.


Robot Mode

In robot mode, Scorn looks like one very red, very angry robot knight. Like if Gregor Clegane was a Dinobot. His knightly style seen in his armored-looking “boots,” big shoulderpads, and obviously the very striking helm. This headsculpt seems to be very much love-it-or-hate-it because of how simplified and very un-movie it is, but I love it. It makes the Dinobots stand out and is just a very cool look, and I think Scorn pulls it off the best. The serrated sword stored in his tail can be removed and held in his right hand, but it ends up looking more like a dagger and a bit useless compared to the giant spiked lance he has for a left arm. This entire piece (as well as his sail in dino mode) is made of the same high-quality rubbery plastic seen all over the AOE line. The instructions say to leave the dino mouth open on his right arm, but I think it looks better closed. You can even rotate the arm and flip the hand up to have full-on dino head arm for maximum BW Megatron-age.


Scorn is no slouch in the articulation department, though his ball jointed head is somewhat limited by the hard angle of the back of his headsculpt. This can be fixed by simply cutting and smoothing out the angle, which allows him to look up with ease. His shoulders can rotate back and forth, his arms can swivel outwards and have bicep swivels and swivel elbows, his waist can swivel, his hips are balljointed, his thighs can swivel, and his knees are double-jointed thanks to the transformation joints.



Scorn is generally agreed to be the strongest figure of the wave 1 deluxes, and while I think Slug is almost as good if not on par with him, Scorn very much is the breakout star of the wave. He takes the “Dinobot Knight” theme and makes it look badass with a characterful sculpt and a very cool spin on the traditional two-legged dino transformation. I doubt Scorn will get too much screentime in the film, but this figure is definitely worth your time.

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